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  1. i can test in any size. can start end of this week. sent pm with e-mail address
  2. check. looks like may be half dc
  3. I will try this. Have a great niece due in March. i am going to make in red and put a razorback decal on for Arkansas
  4. I need a scarf for a gift NOW!!! Send pattern
  5. I agree that I don't see the testers needed in time. I do a lot of work with both thread and yarn. Am experienced
  6. I won't have stuff back until Sunday so I will post all my pics next week. I was so excited to share that I didn't wait.
  7. here are my fair ribbons: nordic river hoodie - first place nordic river cap - second pot holder (my own design), - first poncho (my design) - first afghan - first cupcake purse - first razorback piggie - first childs heart sweater - first peach color pineapple doily - first hexagon pineapple doily - first canned salsa - first tomato juice - first rotel - first jelly - strawberry, muscadine and blackberry - second asparagus - first cajun pickles - first corn - second I WAS REALLY TICKLED AND WANTED TO SHARE WITH MY CV FRIENDS
  8. welcome from Benton. Sending you a pm concerning a get together
  9. pm me any time or post here doesn't matter. Glad to help. It took me some tries to really figure out how I could do it
  10. You can take the Nordic River hoodie and with a little math convert to any size. I just made on in a size 7. Example: using gauge, figure stitches per inch and convert
  11. As you must know we are Razorback fans in Arkansas. I tested the pig for Stormy and got this brainstorm. So (with her approval) I now show my Razorback buddie. My goodness, I have at least 10 friends and family who are saying "please put one in my Christmas goodie bag". Tell me what you think
  12. Thank you to marin for peppered steak recipe. I will try tomorrow!!!
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