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  1. I am from the part of the state that all you upstaters forget about because we are not attached to the mainland. Number 3 son currently goes to college at a large school in the Southern Tier, but he transferred from a little school in the Finger Lakes which wasn't any bigger than our local HS.
  2. Well here is #6 of my RRs. Youngest son recently transferred to another college, and his old RR was in the wrong colors. The new school's colors are hunter green, black and white. I added the multi-green to make it a little more interesting. This monster is huge because my son said when he watched TV with the old one, his feet stuck out. It is 55 rows and measures 96 inches from point to point. If you go by Murphy's Law, he will probably say this one is too big. We moms can't win for trying, can we? I think after 6 of these, I finally got my act together. I counted FREQUENTLY
  3. Thanks to honey112, champygirl, and jetty56 for your kind words!!! I started #6 tonight. It is forest green, black and soft white, (the colors of FootballSon's new school ) with multi (Variegated) forest green. Can't make up my mind which way to place the colors...already frogged a couple of tries, but I hadn't gotten too far. I keep flipping through this thread for ideas. To many afghans to look at, so little time!
  4. I have been hanging out on this thread for months, and I am constantly getting new ideas. Each new color combination I see makes me want to try a few more RRs. They never seem to get boring. Previously, I had completed 3 RRs, but I just finished 2 more. The first one is the famous "Spiderghan." I just looked at a bunch of others posted on the Ville and figured out my own stripe combination. I used Caron One Pounders. After washing it was super soft! Size H hook. The second one is a baby RR which I made from 100% cotton mill ends (thank you AC Moore!), in multi and orange, and
  5. I just completed my 4th RR, and it was my first Spiderghan. The body of the blanket came out beautifully, but I am having a lot of trouble getting the "webs" to look right. The instructions I used said to use ch3 between the slipstitches that attached to the blanket at the chain 2 spaces starting at the points, and continuing to the center. The webs didn't lay flat, and also weren't quite straight. So I decreased it to ch2, and wasn't happy with the way it looked that way either. I am thinking of going down a hook size next. Any one else have these problems, and how did u solve it?
  6. ginamaria73 irikel DreamsofYarn Yarnjeannie CrochetDad Champygirl LegalWoman17 Thanks to all of you for your compliments and kind words! This sure is a great place to hang out. And crocheting could be cheaper than therapy...if only I could stay out of yarn stores.
  7. I have been working on 2 RR's and a MAM for a while now. I used to only do one thing at a time. That all ended when I found too many things I wanted to make because of hanging out on Crochetville. This RR is made of the new Cotton-Ease, not because it had to be cotton, but because the colors were right. I made this for my sister for her vacation home in Florida...so I guess the cotton works for that! Finished size is approx, 78 inches...she said big was good, and she paid for all the yarn. At $4.99 a 3.5 ounce skein, it was a considerable amount. I am used to using Caron One Pound, or
  8. Stick around! There are so many of us "hooked" on these that we could keep this thread going forever!!! This is one of only a couple of threads that I actually check almost daily. I am doing my second and third RR's at the same time, among a couple of other UFO's. Looking forward to seeing a new look (Christmas) to an old favorite.
  9. Although I haven't posted on this thread in a while, I am still an active participant, working on 2 RR's simultaneously. Each is about half finished. One for my sister, to match the couch in her vacation home, and one for my #1 son, in the colors of his alma mater, Duke University. But it's been very busy around here, as the same son just moved out, and started a new job today, so there hasn't been much crochet time for me. Things should return to normal now, and I will post again, hopefully with pictures, when I have made some real progress.
  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone's RRs grow, and have gotten a lot of great ideas for future projects. I finally finished my first one this afternoon! I really liked doing this one, but I made it a lot bigger than I had planned...it is about 70 inches across. Have already bought the yarn for the next one...royal blue and white, for number 1 son, a Duke grad and forever Blue Devil fan. He will be moving away from home in the very near future, and he requested a "Duke" afghan when he saw that I made one for baby brother in his college's colors. I posted some of my "along t
  11. I thought I was almost finished with my Stadium RR a couple of times, but when I "tried it on" and wrapped it around my shoulders, I decided to make it bigger, so I could hold onto it with just one hand. I think I got carried away and may have made it too big! In any case, size-wise, it is done now, but need to finish it off with a border. I am leaning towards a shell border. Second choice is a reverse sc. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know what worked and looked nice on your RR. I could go through all 110 pages of this thread, but I am already spending far too much time her
  12. Dear Judy, I am still pretty new around the Ville and although I read certain threads frequently, I don't post that often. Just wanna say thanks for you being Bo-Peep to all us little sheep. I enjoy this thread and love all the colorful RRs, which constantly give me new ideas for the next one. Just finishing up my first...probably will be done tonight. And you, Laurie and Mel just made me chuckle a little too, with talk about the big "M." I have another phrase for the flashes. I say I am having "thermostatic control issues." Thanks for being my crochet friends...I really don't have
  13. Thanks to you all for your kind words! To LaurieE: Funny you should mention the Gators. The U of F athletic director graduated from the school my son plays football at. He was also a benefactor there, donating, with 2 fellow grads, a workout facility for varsity athetes. Isn't it nice that some people can succeed in life but don't forget where they came from?
  14. This is my "Stadium RR." The first picture was taken a couple of days ago; the second was this afternoon. I finished the next white row, and plan on adding another navy section (6 rows), and then I will "try it on" again, and add more if it needs to be larger. It is the same RR, just that the lighting was a little different. Hard to imagine having this over my shoulders watching a football game in the cold clammy fall, when it was in the 70's today. The third picture is my youngest, AKA FootballSon, so you could all see why I chose these colors...to match his football uniform!
  15. Finally finished my Starghan and did 6 VA Tech squares. Also went over the weekend to move one of my sons home from college for the summer. So now I can give my "football game" RR my full attention. No overlapping projects this time! I started with nine rows of navy, using Caron pounders. It will be navy and orange with a little white, my son's school colors. But the white was not Caron...it was a pounder from my stash, and I don't like the feel of it. So off to AC Moore later today. The pounders are on sale for $3.44 this week.
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