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    I am a jack of all trades, ace of none... and I like it that way.
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    music, crochet, knitting, chasing my kids
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    anything right now.. I like doing things for other people
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    2006- i am a lefty
  1. This is AWESOME!! my hubby has been asking for some of those converse slippers I keep seeing around, and since he's diabetic, he can't have a sole of stitches. It would aggravate his feet too much. I think I may even go one step further and put some "stripes" of fabric paint on the bottom for a more grippy sole. Thanks, Emi!
  2. I just came back after almost 4 years away! I started a new job and just lost all track of my online communities. It's nice to be back!
  3. Well, it's been three years since I was on this forum. I just ran out of extra time! I got promoted at my job in june 07 but recently lost that job. Now I've got another job that I just started at GoDaddy.com and I think its going to be amazing. I started school last year and have been really short on time for everything. I am glad to be back.
  4. My boyfriend has been friends with Steve and Stacie since they were kids. I wanted to do something special for their baby on the way, Kayla, so I used a pattern i found on Lion Brand and changed it up a little to add the green between the blocks and the treble crochet posts to weave the ribbon thru. They LOVED it... they wanted to frame it! LOL:manyheart KAYLA IS HERE!!! She was born Friday 4-18-08. corner detail)
  5. I took my package to USPS on Monday, 1-7-08. It was actually really humorous... the "emergency alarm" went off while I was there and we had to evacuate. What a day! They should have arrived by today... I sent 6. two of each color. :clap
  6. Do we have any updates on this family? my nephew has grown out of a lot of his clothes and they would fit a lil guy about 2-3.
  7. I love the eyelash yarn trim... that is too cool!! those little dots DO look like lights!
  8. I was at Wal Mart the other day and lo and behold, they are selling hats made from your pattern!!! that is so AWESOME!!! they were great colors, but I still prefer to make my own.
  9. it's not really... just a 4 row pattern. the shaping is pretty simple, 3 rows where you do 2 sc in 1, then 1 row of straight across sc...
  10. I finally got a chance to see the blanket-- that turned out GORGEOUS!!!
  11. I did, although she just moved on to the next WIP... LOL
  12. This one took about 100 bags, and I will have more pix when my friend Kimber gets it... I've sent it to her already.. If you would like pointers at any time, I'm available by email or PM here... thank you all for the compliments!
  13. there is a bit of those colors in the pillow. I love the smoky teals and browns with the pale pink accents... I would go with a smoky blue. you just cant go wrong!
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