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    I am a true homebody. I spend my days crocheting, sewing, making candles or babysitting my grandkids
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    Russellville, Ky.
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    anything crafty, such as crocheting and sewing.
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    I am presently self employed selling candles.
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    washcloths and afghans
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    for at least 30 years
  1. Would someone mind sharing with me how to crochet a rag rug? Do I just single crochet, tear strips of cotton (how wide?) and then crochet with a single crochet (what size needle?) and sew together. I appreciate any tips or know how.
  2. Welcome from southern Kentucky. This is definitely a great place to hang out.
  3. Welcome from southern Kentucky. I know you are going to love it here
  4. Welcome from southern Kentucky. You have certainly found a place of kindred spirits here.
  5. Greetings from southern Kentucky. You are certainly going to love it here.
  6. Hello from southern Kentucky. You have found a great place to hang out and learn lots.
  7. Hello from southern Kentucky. You are definitely going to enjoy yourself here.
  8. Welcome from southern Kentucky over here in the good ole USA
  9. When is your favorite time to crochet? I love to crochet early of a morning with my cup of coffee, the house is completely quiet, and it's just me and my yarn and needle. My other time is before I go to bed. I guess you could say I love starting and ending the day with crocheting. Just doesn't always work out that way though.
  10. Hello from southern Kentucky. I live in Logan County. So tell me more about those pot holders. I am always looking for new things to crochet.
  11. Thanks so much for dropping by ladies.
  12. Welcome from southern Kentucky, you will love it here.
  13. I found three of the cutest pieces of fabric this past week of which I have made wristlet coin purses out of. I love this fabric so much I want to give one of the coin purses away. All you have to do is visit my blog between now and Monday morning, June 25, and leave a comment to be registered for the giveaway. I hope you enjoy this fabric as much as I did.
  14. I'm another Kentucky crocheter also. Glad you joined us. What part of Kentucky are you from?
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