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    20yr old mother of 2.
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    crochet, photography, scrapbooking
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    made Afghans as a kid, started making things again in 2007
  1. Gorgeous work as usual! They are all adorable. Makes me so clucky for a girl when I see things like that.
  2. In the mountains in Australia. Its the middle of winter here, and we even had snow last week (big deal for us)
  3. I just made it up as i went, and attempted to write a sort of pattern in the blog:lol
  4. Oh its gorgeous. I'm a cloth user too and (if I ever find time:lol) I'm definitely giving this a go!!
  5. I never usually get time to make something for myself!! But today I decided I'd have a go at a super basic headband to keep my hair off my face (I'm trying to grow out a short hairstyle) and keep my ears warm because it's freezing here and I hate hats! Anyway...Here's some pics and there's more info about it on my blog
  6. How awesome! My DS would LOVE them:clap
  7. :manyheartOh wow, so cute!
  8. :cheerSo cool! I love the purple/green kids one too! I know what you mean....I never get a chance to make anything for myself either, and my family and friends are probably sick of getting crocheted gifts:lol:hook
  9. :manyheartShe's beautiful!!
  10. I'm in Armidale...A country town in north NSW. About halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, but on the tablelands.
  11. http://tara-lalala.blogspot.com/:hook
  12. Oh it's gorgeous! Makes me so clucky for a girl:lol
  13. I have made some for my boy with a car applique on the bot. I know what you mean though, it's very easy to go to town on girls ones with frills, flowers etc. After having 2 boys I was really excited to get to make some girl's things:lol
  14. Oh I love them! I have been looking for crochet versions of these and yours look great!
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