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  1. I received a great package from my partner Karen W. Thank You!!!!! There was 2 kits and lots of extras. Kit #1 Doilies Pattern Book: Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies 2 Southmaid Crochet Thread One in White and one in New Ecru Steel Hook sz 7 I can't wait to pick a doily make. Kit #2 Amigurumi PAttern Book: Colorful Kids Red Heart Sport yarn in Cherry Red, Limeade, Hot Pink, Black and Pumpkin Yarn Needles Crochet hook sz E Stitch Markers Google Eyes Emb. Floss Black and Red Fiberfill I already have the lady bug started. She also introduced to the most wonderful stuff called CHOCOLATE:devil. There was 3 Herseys Chocolate Bars, 3 pks of peanut m&m's (sorry they won't make it in the picture), and 2 pkg gummy bears. Along with all that great food. There was also Care Bears Crochet Character in yarn (I have been looking for that one) and a great crochet potholder. Thank you very much Karen. I loved it all. It was great getting to know you a little better. I will get pictures posted tomorrow when I have more time. Gina
  2. Question One What summer vacation(s) from childhood are most memorable? I am not sure if this one really counts. My family didn't really take family vacations when I was little but the one time we planned one. It was a trip up the lakes. A couple of miles down the road we relized that we forgot jackets and went back to get them. When we left home again there was a car parked just down the street a little. Mom wasn't concentrating on the road and (yup you guessed it) crashed into it. There goes summer vacation. Question Two Share memories of family reunions or visits during the summer from extended family members. 2 years ago we had a family reunion at my aunts acerage. It was a very hot day and she turned on the sprinkler. Most kids just ran through it with their clothes on, but not my Tessa (shw was 2) She came up to me and wanted help taking off her shoes. I took them off and away she went. A few minutes later I looked down at the sprinkler and there was a bunch of kids playing in it. Including one naked little girl. My Tessa, just gotta love it. Gina
  3. Thank you Charlene (nanasharp) for the great package. I really like the doily, notebook and daisy seeds. My daughter and I will work on getting them planted this weekend. The rescurers have outdone themselves and I really appreciate it. Thanks Gina Scan of Doily
  4. Received a great package from my swap partner Barb:c9 The beads were really adorable and even my 4 year old enjoyed petting the yarn. I received: 2 skeins of very soft pink silver yarn by phantex large skein of bernat cotton yarn needles row counter sticky notes sz 8 steal hook 2 strings of beads set of purse handles stitch markers frog stickers black market bag pink (my fav color) tape measure Here is a picture ( I finally figured out how to make it smaller ) Thank you very much I am looking forward to using it all :manyheart Gina
  5. Sorry for the mix up on the user name I was in a hurry (hubby standing over shoulder "patiently" waiting for his turn on computer) Thanks again everyone, it was a great swap Gina
  6. I received 2 great rescue packages yesterday 1 from catheryn and one from buggie4beads. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. I really do appreciate it greatly. From Catheryn http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee55/mrsperales_crafts/100_0627.jpg http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee55/mrsperales_crafts/100_0631.jpg http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee55/mrsperales_crafts/100_0624.jpg from Buggie4yarn http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee55/mrsperales_crafts/100_0621-Copy.jpg Thank you both Gina
  7. JoAnns stores has always disapointed me. I now just think of it basically as a fabric store with a few extra goodies. They do have good book though. I love their online store and shop there regularly. Most of the coupons work there too and they usually have a free shipping offer going on.
  8. Nothing yet unless you changed you name to Racheal Ray or Bob Greene. Yahoo is running a little behind this morning wouldn't you know it.
  9. No Partner for me yet, exactly how many time can you hit the refresh button in a minute:scrachin Gina
  10. Nothing like waiting for the last minute:whew. I should have just signed up before, There hasn't been a swap that I have been able to resist. Survey sent Gina
  11. barbn77, I finished shopping and gathering, now to just find a box. Yours will go out tomorrow. Gina
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