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    Married, love goldens, knit, crochet, spinning, kumihimo and bobbin lace
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    Jazzercise, Crochet, Baking, Golden Retrievers, knitting, spinning, smocking
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    Afghans, slippers, thread, anything different and new
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    1986 or so, my Grandmother taught me.
  1. Thank you for responding... do you know where you got the pattern for the hot pad?
  2. I need help! My Grandmother taught me how to make this pattern (1980's). She thought she had a copy of the pattern, but after searching through her patterns, it has not shown up. Does anyone recognize this centerpiece pattern? Thank you for your help! Baby would not get off of it while I was taking the picture...
  3. My Grandma made these when we were small.. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to have to make some! Love them!
  4. Very cute! The dark color really makes the snowflake light up!!
  5. I don't understand what would make a difference. Spinning is done clockwise.. and plying the spun threads together is done the counter clockwise. Yarn is yarn. You can knit and crochet with any plyed yarn. When plying two strands together, you have to go the opposite way or you'll unravel your fiber.
  6. Try and use every wheel she has.. so you have an idea of what wheel you'd want to buy.. double tredle, single, traveler, regular size. Some wheels hit my knees.. and I would have bought something that didn't fit my body type.. definitely don't be shy.. card, spin, don't be afraid to make mistakes.. pick her brain.. ask any and every question. learn how to ply.. learn how to use the knitty noddy... ask about processing the fiber.. and if she offers to let you come back and practice.. do it...
  7. It's an adorable pattern- Line #7.... the pattern does not come out to 18 sc... that's the only thing I've found...
  8. cutlarie

    Pinwheel Afghan

    I received the pattern from a relative.. it was a copy from something. I have searched for the book bc I love the pattern. The lay out of the book page is similar to a publisher I've seen before.. but I can't place it. The only pattern close to this is in Herrchners Blue Ribbon Book. I purchased the book and the pinwheels are slightly bigger bc the pattern uses a larger hook and does more rows in each pinwheel. I thought that the pattern would be extremely difficult, but once you start it... you see how it goes together.. and it actually was ok once you got going.. http://www.amazon.com/Herrschners-Blue-Ribbon-Afghans-Crochet-Treasury/dp/0848714601 Thanks everyone! You guys rock!
  9. cutlarie

    Pinwheel Afghan

    Hi, Finally finished my pinwheel afghan. Wanted you guys to see it... Each pinwheel took about an hour to do... 52 pinwheels.. about an hour to whip stitch a row together.. then about an hour to stitch the 7,8,7,8,7 pattern.. it was long.. but I think it looks fabulous! It's for my Mom.. it's going on her fainting couch! http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x66/cutlarie/Crochet%20Stuff/pinwheelafghan.jpg
  10. I have the pattern that has been ripped out of the book. I don't have the book, but need the figures it mentions in the pattern. It says #8. Pinwheels on the top of the page, so I'm guessing it's probably the eigth pattern in the book. The main item you make is a Motif (52 of them). I dont' know the company. If anyone has this book, would you please let me know what the name of it is? Thank you, LaRie
  11. Very very nice.... excellent work!
  12. I believe I have an Australian pattern. Do they use US or UK directions. I need to know if I have to convert to US.
  13. Hello, I'm in Winder Ga- Barrow County
  14. I have one for a "wheel chair" lapafghan that I use in my office. Let me know if you want it.
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