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  1. All of your bags are just wonderful, you do such a fantastic job on them! It looks like you are ready for that lawn chair to watch the fireworks..tote filled with goodies to crochet
  2. I think it's absolutely adorable for the auction! You did a great job!!
  3. Thank you very much...all of you!
  4. The pattern is now available if anyone is interested. The possibilities are unlimited...can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6273475
  5. I only have one more in this series....that doesn't mean I have tons more in my head of another series lol And thanks everyone for your kind comments, they are truly appreciated!
  6. This is my newest Stitch Witch of the Very East, Eara Veatta... My name is Eara Veatta, which means, From the East, the Wind. I am Spirit of the Air, Caster of the Wind. "She tossed the broom and earned her wings, a cool summer's breeze is the song you hear, when this witch sings." The wind on my face high up in the sky, you won't notice me when I pass by. I dash and I dart my wings take me anywhere, though shoes on my feet, I won't wear. But, sometimes when I'm upset things may go askew, and I may cause a tornado or two. Please know, that I don't mean to. My favorite treat to eat has to be cotton candy, So, I think a toothbrush would come in handy. I promise to floss each and every night, if you will just tuck me in tonight. She's about 15 inches tall...there are more pictures on my blog, link in my sig... I am so excited to only have one more to do in this series lol.. Thanks for looking!
  7. They just got them today and loved them, thanks for asking!
  8. First of all thanks everyone so much for all your kind comments! The eye balls themselves are bought from my local craft store and the rest...the lids and under the eyes are all by me. Hope that makes sense.
  9. Meet Terra Mina, Stitch Witch of the Very South... She's an Earthbound Spellcaster who has a fashion fetish and a pet mouse named Peas. There are a lot more pictures on my blog, link in my sig. I appreciate you taking the time out to look, thanks!
  10. thank you It's a little sunflower button...
  11. Meet Moxie, she's second in the Rott'n Sushi line. The only thing rott'n about this little girl is being spoiled. Besides looking like she got into a brawl at the local jailhouse, she's wearing her favorite flower and she's brought along her favorite rubber duckie. She's loud and she's not afraid to voice her opinion. She has 3 regular tentacles and 3 curly-Q ones...which makes her a Hexapoo...if you want to get on her good side, she loves her plushies! Get her a stuffed animal and she's all yours. http://bp2.blogger.com/_qGaJpgSFSFc/RnVvTO8D3CI/AAAAAAAAAHk/JTSvElx3aS4/s1600-h/moxiec.png There are more pics on my blog..link in my sig Thanks so much for looking!
  12. Wow, talk about learning something new today lol...I never knew rats were good pets, personable or nice lol...but he does look cute in that hammock! Great idea
  13. Thanks everyone very much!
  14. Aww, thanks Joy...that's very sweet of you to say!
  15. Meet Lola..she's a Hexapoo and she's the first in the Rott'n Sushi line. I really like how she came out. She has 3 regular tentacles and 3 curly-Q's... She's about 3 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The smaller they get the harder it is....my not-so-nimble fingers lol. Anyway, there are more pictures on my blog, link in my sig. Thanks for taking the time out to look! Have a great weekend!
  16. Gorgeous...and the liner looks fantastic too
  17. Wow, it's gorgeous! I'll bet it is warm, it's so big! It even looks great on the back of the couch lol.
  18. You did a great job, it looks wonderful!
  19. How adorable! About how big is it? You never can tell in a picture unless you have it next to something lol...very cute!
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