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  1. I must have this pattern! So awesome!
  2. Inspired by a crocheter on livejournal to just go at it, I've created two amigurumi without a pattern. My own design, I guess. I created arms for these guys, but they just looked...out of place. So I left them off! Bella. She's a classy Lady. With her pretty Red Hat and stylish silver earrings. Some may even call her a diva! But really, she's just like everyone else. And she loves her son Josh. Very Much! Though his choice of hair style and color do make her cringe a bit.
  3. I'm completely blown away by that bag! That is awesome!
  4. I too, must disagree about places of worship. Small, memorized prpjects where my fingers can do all the work, of course. But I am so at peace when crocheting, that I feel I would be able to absorb everything a Church had to give better with a hook and yarn in my hands. I don't go to Church anymore, however [due to my own beliefs of not needing a building to worship Him], so I guess it is moot. I've even crocheted and knitted in the ER while waiting to be seen by the doctor [i was having such a hard time breathing that night...crochet helped calm me]. I wouldn't crochet actually on the sand at the beach, but I will sit on the sidelines maybe in a park and crochet.
  5. I was just looking at it, and I thought that that made sense! Thank you SO much. I was about to just throw the whole thing in the garbage. :clap:manyheart:manyheart
  6. I got all the way through the middle 23 rows [where there is no inc or dec...just straight], and I started my first dec row. K, everything is good there. [FYI: My entire bag, from the beginning, has always been 2 sts short of the pattern. No clue why, but it's been consistent, so I assume I left something out in the beginning. BUT! It looks exactly like everyone else's WIP for the FBB, so I'm not frogging it...] So. Row 40. I hhdc all the way to one st before the marker [this means I hhdc in the last st, and the marker is in the next one, right?]. I do hhdc2tog, removing and then replacing my marker. Then it says to hhdc in the next 5 sts... But I've only got 4 sts, now. If I were to do the 5th one, I'd be hhdc-ing into my marked st. WHAT DID I DO WRONG? I'm literally sobbing here, people. Help? :help:help:huh:huh:huh:cry:cry:cry:cry
  7. I listen to a mixture of...everything except most R&B/Rap. Right now, my crochet, late night, playlist [which is 2 hours long], includes KT Tunstall, Lily Allen, Metallica, Melissa Etheridge, The Used...you get the idea, I think. Yeah, I pop in my headphones, pull up my playlist, and just start crocheting. It actually helps me focus on what I'm doing.
  8. I am working on the FBB...and LOVING it! Oh man, this project is so much fun. I just finished all the no inc or dec rows...now to decrease! Yes, what's everyone working on?
  9. Well now! Good morning to another early riser [or, in my case, late-stay-upper]. Once I switch back to day shift [in July], I'll be getting up about 0430 hrs every morning. It'll be odd to switch back. Thanks for the welcome!
  10. I find that if I try to do any sort of crochet that has increases or decreases or some complex pattern during the day...well, I do a lot of frogging! lol That's what happened with my mom's FBB...I suddenly had no idea what I did or how to fix it. So I frogged it at midnight, and picked it back up again at 0400 hrs this morning. By the way - I made one of your dragons, and I'm almost done with my mom's. They are SO CUTE and I love him! I actually have requests at work for some. :clap:cheer:hug:hug
  11. It still amazes me how widespread knit/crochet really is! New Zealand...it must be beautiful! It's only 0500 hrs here in Florida.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that Ms. Roses! I hope it's only a cold [meaning, not something worse! Though colds can be a killer...]
  13. I wasn't sure where to put this kind of post, so I put it here. I work midnight shift at work [i'm a 9-1-1 Police Dispatcher], so when I'm home on my days off, I tend to still stay up all night. I use this time to listen to my music and crochet, and then I sleep until about 1 in the afternoon. heh. Anyone else up this late crocheting? I'm working on my very first FBB from SnB:HH. I LOVE it so far! I'm in Florida, btw.
  14. meredionysis

    Baby Dragon

    I really am amazed at how fast he crochets up. I'm using a WW variegated yarn, and a size "H" hook, and I'm all done with the crocheting - I worked on it, off and on, for about 15 hours. In maybe 30 minutes stretches. Now I just have to get home, stuff him, and sew him up!
  15. That lion brand pattern is wonderful! I love it, and can't wait to order it. Thank you, again, everyone, for all your help. I especially like the idea of their badges w/ the black ribbon. One of our agencies, Fort Pierce Police Department, has only lost 4 Officers since its inception in the '60s. http://www.fppd.org/officer%20memorial05.html Once I finish my afghan, I'm going to start on something for each of the three agencies we dispatch. Thanks again!
  16. Hey now, fellow 'ville neighbors! I may be too far away to participate in an event in Clearwater [Living in Fort Pierce, myself], but all this talk of "Girls only" has gotten me bummed! I'm a guy! I crochet and knit! Don't exclude me just because of my gender!
  17. I'm actually kind of combining this and the cinderella fingerless gloves pattern. Very well written, and I like how it looks! Nice thumbhole, too. I actually added about 10 ch before joining in the round, since I'm a guy and I have manly, fat hands. Once I've got two done, I'll post them. I'm about halfway finished with one, and it's only been a couple hours of work!
  18. That's exactly right mermaiden--I just wasn't sure what to make. But pretty much anything can be adapted, so I was really just trying to see if anyone had seen any existing designs. Thanks for all your help, guys!
  19. OK. This might sound odd, but I have to try. I have been searching everwhere, and can't find anything. Here's the deal: I work for my county's 9-1-1 Dispatch Center. Meaning I answer 9-1-1 calls, and I dispatch officers out to calls. I've grown to love my officers, and I wanted to make something for each jurisdiction that I work with. Something to honor the fallen brethren. Does anyone have any idea as to where I can find law-enforcement style crochet patterns?! Help! Thanks!
  20. I found your pattern through your blog, and I'm so glad I found it here! I've made one using an acrylic yarn. I didn't do the last couple rows, because I liked out the skully looked with the TC/SC row on the bottom. I wear it everywhere, and that's saying something--it's hot here in Florida. It doesn't warm my head at all, and looks smashing! I'm currently making one in two different colors--striping it. Once I upload the pictures, I'll be sure to post. Again--I LOVE THIS CAP!:clap
  21. Aww! Y'all are so nice and welcoming! Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes! I haven't quite gotten good enough to start designing--just little things here and there for afghans when I don't want to follow a pattern, but also don't want to do basic sc. Hopefully I'll be at that point one day where I'm designing things. I truly love to crochet. Thanks again!
  22. Thanks for the warm welcome! It's amazing the amount of people who are surprised to know that I crochet.
  23. meredionysis

    Reverse SC?

    Help! I can't seem to find any help on here about this stitch, so if I missed it, let me know. The skully cap pattern calls for a roaw of reverse sc. This is me: WHAAA!? :think Any help would be appreciated!
  24. Hi all! My name is Jonathan, and I'm one of the only male crocheters that I know! I started working at St. Lucie County's 9-1-1 in November of 2006, and quickly noticed that nearly everyone crocheted. I figured I should learn how to knit, first, and I did. I quickly fell in love with knitting [i taught myself!], but I could never master crochet. Until, one day, I was sitting at work. I had some scrap yarn with me, and an I-9 hook, and I decided to try it again. I chained 100+, and then attempted to do a DC. Suddenly, I understood just what was happening when I crocheted, and I got it! I quickly finished two rows of DC, and ran out of yarn. I went home that day and drove to Michael's, finding two colors of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick that matched, and within 2 days, I had 1/3 of my very first crocheted afghan finished! Since then, I've made a clutch purse for my mom, and I've started on a Granny-Square lapghan. I am currently working on a skully cap, and I'm loving crocheting in the round! I can't wait to peruse this board! Sorry for the length. I'm just so excited! ~Jon:clap
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