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    A Cactus

    My husband went to a school camp last week. While there, one of his students landed in a cactus and earned himself the name Cactus Butt or CB for short. The young man was really good natured about it and apparently gets a kick out of his new nickname. To rub in his misfortune even more, my husband commissioned me to make him a crocheted cactus. I told Hubby he owed me a skein of yarn in return for my services. He even willingly went to Hobby Lobby with me. The free pattern can be found here.
  2. A friend's daughter just had a birthday. After listening to my friend lament how quickly her daughters can rip holes in their pants, I bought the little girl new jeans for her birthday. I know, a terrible gift for a girl turning five. So I decided to add something fun to the present. I bought a little doll at WalMart and made a cradle purse to go with it.
  3. I'm sorry that you haven't been able to reach her. Since it is her mistake you shouldn't have to pay for the pattern that you got by mistake or to have the correct one sent to you. As a seller on Etsy, I have accidentally sent the wrong pattern. I'm not sure how it happened in your case, but for me I clicked on the wrong file for the attachment. I now try to double check, but accidents do happen. Good luck reaching the seller and I hope it all gets resolved soon.
  4. Here's two little whales. I'm not sure what that makes my total though. The pattern is from BitterSweet. She has some cute free patterns on her blog.
  5. If you look on your hooks, they usually have a number on them too. My F says 3.75 on it. So, with my F hook, I did 5 rounds on each square. My squares measured 5 1/2 inches across. The bag actually ended up bigger than I wanted. It would be perfect for me, but DD is only 2 1/2 and the bag is almost as big as her. I hope that answered your questions. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.
  6. DS needed a new trick or treating bag this year. I thought it would be fun to have one that matched his costume -a skeleton. And if DS gets a new one, DD must have one too, right? Plus I really wanted to make a Haekelbeutel after seeing all the great ones that people here have made. DD is a little indecisive about her costume (it's hard to get a 2 year old to commit to anything), but I'm pretty sure she'll end up as a princess. (clickable) The patterns are the Haekelbeutel Bag and the Jolly Roger from the SNB book.
  7. Thanks so much for your help. Your bear looks great!
  8. Very cute! Thanks for the picture!
  9. We've unofficially started getting ready for Halloween. It's unofficial because DH doesn't approve. DS is a huge fan of Halloween, so it's the two of us getting ready. Here is our latest Halloween addition. DS had named it "Pipsqueak." I'm planning on making a few more before Halloween. I want to have a few of them hanging together.
  10. Very cute! Thanks for the pictures!
  11. It turned out great! Thanks for the pictures!
  12. This year I'm trying to make some fuzzy spiders for my kids. I made one last year and DS loved it. They're fun decorations and they use up the fun fur that I will never get around to using otherwise.
  13. eebrs

    baby polar bear tested

    Great job! Thank you!
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