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    Kimberly R.
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    I have been crocheting for over 8 years and I am getting better and better as the days go on
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    Summerville,South Carolina
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    anything with yarn and hooks
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    mother and wife and sister and daugther
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    dishcloths, blankets, scarfs
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  1. this is part of two patterns looking to fix things to make it mine now working on a bigger one
  2. Thank you for the comments i am still trying to figure if i start selling them how much do i ask
  3. Banna Berry from Red Heart in French country from red heart and still:crocheting more till each girl has 2 dresses each and npw people are telling me to sell them cause it takes me 3 or 4 days to finish a dress
  4. I used part of this patterns to get it started http://www.christinascrochethaven.me/natureswondersweater.htm after row 11 I used any old cupcake purse patterns where you turn the project side ways and work from there still working out the kinxs on it working on a third one now
  5. Acrylic it dress blue from red heart
  6. Thank you on both I tried me best on both
  7. I used dress blue from red heart it took me 4 skiens
  8. Thank you to all who loves the dress and my DD she loves it sooo much it took me two hours to try and get her out of it so she did not ruin it before she could wear it to chruch
  9. it took 10 dollars and 2 1/2 weeks to get the dress perfect for my DD next will be my next 2 DD's:yarn:yarn:think:think
  10. http://kim112398.webs.com/ it is a work in progress if you could hjelp me with it I would love it I am new at this
  11. I pattern i found it was in two parts the hood first and then the scarf
  12. I have been out of work for awhile and my kids have been bugging me to make them stuff
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