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  1. Thanks Susie. I knew about the Michael's & Hobby Lobby, but I will definitely have to check out the shop in Geneva.
  2. I recently moved back to IL from MN. I left a town with 2 LYS and I am having a hard time finding one in my area. I'm out near Aurora now. Any favorites someone can recommend?
  3. Fun! the yarn looks like an interesting texture - what did you use?
  4. Both your little one and the hat are so cute!
  5. They are great for running errands with young kids. I can't do up the car seat buckles with mittens on, so I prefer my fingerless gloves in those cases.
  6. Kim, I do totally love the designs, but they all look a little advanced. Have you made one before or will this be your first time?
  7. Wowzeers! That is amazing. The thread you used really allows the pattern detail to pop.
  8. Super cute! I think that the color you used is great too.
  9. Nice job. It looks like it fits him very well.
  10. Great socks! I love the yarn you used.
  11. Love it! The soft fuzzy texture looks so comfy.
  12. Wowzers! That's amazing.
  13. I love it! The colors are amazing. I always think it is so hard to find nice men's patterns. I'll have to look this one up.
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