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  1. So cute. Thanks for the pattern.
  2. Thank you everyone for all the nice compliments on my RR. Everyone is doing a great job. They are all so pretty every time I think I find a favorite color scheme someone comes up with a new one. My spider-ghan is growing fast, although now that I'm back to work it will probably come to a stand still for awhile. I will try and post a picture soon. Hope everyone has a great day.
  3. Southern Judy Hi I'm in the process of trying to write down the instructions for how I added the fill-in points will try to post them soon. I'm back to work now so may take me awhile to post them.
  4. Hi everyone I'm finally getting around to posting a picture of my finished RR it measures 67 inches from point to point.
  5. Just stopped in to see the progress on everyones RR. They are all lovely as usuall haven't seen one yet I don't like. I finished mine Friday evening. Will try and post a picture soon. I started a spiderman one yesterday for my 6 year old grandson will also post pictures of it asap. Well got to go for now everyone have a beautiful day.
  6. Hi, everyone just stopped in to see how all the RR's are coming along. As always they are looking beautiful and growing so fast. I didn't get to work on mine yesterday, I ran out of yarn with only 2 more rounds to go. But went to Wal-mart last night and got another skein to finish it today and while I was there picked up yarn to make a spider-ghan for my 6 year old Grandson. Welcome to all the new ladies. Can't wait to see what new color schemes you come up with. Everyone have a nice day and Happy Crocheting.
  7. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say how beautiful everyone's RR looks. Keep up the good work, and Happy crocheting.
  8. Here is an updated picture of mine. It now measures 58 inches from point to point. Only 6 more rounds to go.
  9. Niki, I love the colors you used. It looks great.
  10. Felix I love the bright colors. You did a great job. It's sure to brighten someones day when they recieve it.
  11. Hi, just thought I'd share this picture of the RR I made for my Niece's baby.
  12. Kwools so glad to see Shaylen could explain to you how to add points I'm no good at explaining things at all. My fill-ins aren't done the same way but I can see how adding squares would work. The pattern I'm using is in a Leisure Arts Little Books Titled "First Choice Ripple Afghans " I purchased mine at Wal-mart. I also saw the same pattern for sale on ebay in a book titled: "40 Most Favorite Ripple Afghan Crochet Patterns"
  13. I love the color combination reminds me of the first ripple afghan i made years ago. Looking good great job.
  14. Shaylen that is beautiful. Can't wait to see one in pink and purple.
  15. OK here is my first attempt at adding a picture. Hope it works. I'm probably about 2/3 of the way done it measures about 45 inches from point to point (should measure 60 inches when done) just starting the 32 point round. I sat and did all the fill-in points yesterday so things should go a little faster now. Here is the link for the picture. http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s180/GrandmaB_photos/100_0578.jpg
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