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    I actually like to iron SOMETIMES!
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    Cleaning, Ironing, Washing Clothes.
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    Listening to every complain, lecture, problems from my parents and my boyfriend. Part time caregiver
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    Anything i can use, wear or basically understand the pattern so i can crochet it.
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    Honestly just last month. March 2007.
  1. So beatifully elegant... thank you for the pattern
  2. Wow. I will also try my hardest to start to do that.
  3. Thank you everyone! Happy Hearts Day!
  4. I made myself a slim PSP cover. You can make anything, afgan using leftover yarns. Pattern is here http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=221871.90
  5. I see. I think i understand what you mean. Sort of like try it on once in a while until i get it right. Thank you so much for helping me.
  6. Thank you for the link Nilliem. newthingcrochet, i'll give solid stitch and lacey both a try. As long as its thread, because its both sooo hot and rainy here. For experience, i guess as long as the pattern is not so complicated i'll do ok. The difference between the yarn and thread is 1st the gauge and second thread doesn't stretch. So it can't exactly fit right to the head. Its neither to floppy or to small. But if you can explain to how to do it, maybe then i'll have an idea and won't be soo frustrated.
  7. I really really want to make one using thread, but its sooo hard to find a pattern. Please, if you know something please share.
  8. Thanks for the note... i'll give my common sense a try.
  9. Maybe you could Pm us the pattern? Or email? I want the bigger one please.
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