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    I like to think that I'm growing old with grace and dignity.
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    Houston, TX
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    Crocheting and genealogy
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    Just about anything.
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    30+ years.
  1. I'm so glad to see that other's, like myself, work on multipule projects at the same time. My niece can't understand how I work on several projects while she stays with one until it's completed. What I'm working on. . . 1) Most currently working on baby blanket for son's friends. 2) The edging is needed to complete a Martha's Stewart's Going Home poncho (pattern provided by Lion Brand). 3) A "UBW" hat (Dot's famous "ugly but warm" hat) started in May needs to finished. 4) Then there's that ripple afghan that I got bored with earlier this year and put away. I'd really like to
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