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  1. Kim, I'm so glad you like it! I was very happy with the result once I found the second yarn. I had fun on this swap, got two wonderful scarves and am so happy you liked yours:clap trish
  2. thanks tween...got my dishcloths last week, the are tooo cool. I love the colors! trish
  3. :clapthanks to Berniluvscrochet for my 2 beautiful scarves...one black and one green. they are gorgeous and I will post pics as soon as I can.. also Kymberlina..I gave up on the scarf that I was having so much trouble with...then I bought a thread to go with the yarn I had and will mail it on Tuesday, I know it's after the deadline, but I know you will love it.
  4. me too, let me know what size and if you have a color preference
  5. :hookshari and tween, your dishcloths are in the mail! I dropped them off at the post office at lunch today. hope you enjoy them
  6. thanks Shari:clap:clap:clap love my new dishcloths!!! thanks for the bonus stitch markers too:cheer way to go trish http://grammatrish.blogspot.com/
  7. :clapyayay!! I'll be watching the mail! I'm almost finished with tween's and shari's so they will be in the mail next week.
  8. :hookkymberlina... I'm working on another scarf for you, but it's a little labor intensive. soo...I'll get it out before the final date for mailing
  9. :clapcool, berni! I knew you didn't forget me! can't wait to see them:clap:clap
  10. hi everyone! Elizabeth...three olive martini was my secret pal and I received a wonderful box of goodies! I was so excited I had to peek even tho my house was filled with grandkiddies looking for attention. I will post pics later tonight, but I wanted to say how sweet it was to get my reveal package ..Thanks!
  11. thanks to woven and spun who gave me the idea for this. here's some crochet hook holders to match the bags I make. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v234/grammatrish/DSCF0125-2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v234/grammatrish/DSCF0124-2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v234/grammatrish/DSCF0123-2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v234/grammatrish/DSCF0122-2.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v234/grammatrish/DSCF0118-2.jpg
  12. hey sharon...sorry it took so long to respond to your post.. yes I do sell them whenever I have some extras, which I do have on my blog. I NEVER make one at a time, I started this group about 10 days ago and finished all 10 last night!! Mostly working on them at night and weekends. the pet screen is pretty sturdy so they do stand up pretty good. I used to hate sewing, but that was when I was trying to make clothes. so if the pattern is easy, I will sew like crazy! http://grammatrish.blogspot.com/ here's my blog if you'd like to see them thanks
  13. thanks everyone! I love making these bags so much I"m called the bag lady! I do sell some, sometimes I make them just because I like the fabric, but I don't have anyone I'm giving them to. these ones are all spoken for, some birthday gifts and one that supposed to be a surprise. they do all get their own personality with the different fabrics. thanks again for looking,
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