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    Married, all kids 4 legged (5 dogs, 5 ferrets, 1 gecko, 1 aquatic frog)
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    Dog sweaters for charity
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    Since a kid, took 20 + year hiatus
  1. Check out the Crochet Dude's website. He has I believe a free pattern there. Have fun!
  2. Thanks!! There is a ravelry group for this purse and I went back and looked at everyone's to see what size hooks they used. There were a few that used J's, and it came out huge...but several used F's and G's..I'll go for the F and if I have an E try it with that just to see. Thanks again for your help.
  3. This is an English version PDF from a German website...maybe they didn't change the hook size? Hmmm
  4. I thought so to...my concern is the size of the hook...a 3?!!? I think I'm going to try this with the Peaches and Cream cotton yarn.. Do you think that would be a good substitute?
  5. http://www.stricksucht.de/anleitungen/crochetedbag.pdf Does anyone know a good substitute fo this yarn? I want to make this bag. I want to do the 7 round but that's 12 skeins @ $4.95!! Thanks! Chris
  6. I've made 3 and taught someone at work to crochet and she made 5. They work up so fast. I made one in just a couple of hours on Thanksgiving between dinner and dessert. Great quick pattern with a great look.
  7. Looks like a baby Bigfoot to me...I think he's cute!
  8. http://www.smileysyarns.com/ Click on Internet Yarn sale and then scroll halfway down. You would have to buy $40 worth and they have a flat rate shipping cost but they ship quickly. I've bought from them several times. Have fun! Chris
  9. Look up Aerie Designs I know Lenore has some patterns. They are for sale, I'm not sure how much though.
  10. Hi all~ Just wanted to let you know I started a group Crochet Dude Ravelry Group. Come join us. We'll be doing a "Dude Along" using his Monet afghan pattern. Hope to see you there! Chris
  11. Wow...love it. Now you made me go search for the pattern and put it in my favorites. This forum is killing me!!
  12. http://www.freepatterns.com/list.html?criteria=pet+bed I think this is the one you are looking for! Chris
  13. What book is this pattern from...it's gorgeous!!
  14. Hi Pat, My sister did a afghan years ago and she used regular yarn to do the cross stitch work on top. HTH, Chris
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