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  1. I like it, it's very pretty. Great way to use all the extra yarn. I'm glad you have joined us we have a lot of fun sharing our RR. I have to warn you tho they are very addictive lol I have made several but I don't have of my own lol I have gave them all as gifts. I have always enjoyed making and giving to others. So glad to have you here.
  2. You can join in anytime you like I never really had a dead line on this one. We all just really enjoy making these RR and so we just keep going. So if you like just join in and I will try to keep this bumped up so were noticed :-) Have fun and Post a picture when your done we would love to see it....
  3. Can I ask a question please? It says 5-7 pounds of yarn, how much of each color do you need? Do you need more of one color than the other or about the same of each?
  4. Nice work everyone, there is no end to the beauty in these afghans. I love looking at each and every one.
  5. Looks great!! now you will want to make more and more lol
  6. OH WOW!!! that is so pretty, you did a great job.
  7. Thanks for the new pictures, It's to bad they don't show up I still like to go back and get ideas :-)
  8. Very pretty,I love every RR I see. they are all so special.
  9. I know how you feel I would really like to try the Granny Ripple also so I been kinda waiting for her release too. The colors you have picked sounds great.
  10. Uh oh I think our Cal has got tired.Maybe if I post it will kick our cal out there agin so ladies will join agin.
  11. I like it!! it's very pretty. Great work. Thanks for sharing. :-)
  12. It's beautiful, great job. You are so right about knitting lol it is slow going. I too have been knitting about a year. It's fun to learn a new craft. :-)
  13. Never to late to join, we all check in from time to time. Look forward to seeing your RR. Everyone here is very nice to help out if they can so just make your self at home and have a great time.
  14. Wow were all doing baby ripples :-) I finished mine tonite. I did it in pastels. It turned out very nice. Did it in Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby so it's nice and soft.
  15. We need to kick our ghans to the top agin. I'm about to begin a baby ghan for my first Great Grandchild . I'm very happy., so my hook will be on fire agin.
  16. Hi everyone, good to see some of you are still here. I have been very busy these days and just have not done to much crocheting. I am about to get back into it. I always miss my yarn and needles. Thanks to all of you for keeping our CAL going. There is never a end to beautiful round ripples. Thanks agin ladies. May God Bless
  17. Good to see ya all made it thru the holidays, now on to making more beautiful things for next christmas. Happy New Year everyone!!!
  18. may I ask where to get the red heart pattern for this I wouldl ove to join in
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