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  1. Here's my second round ripple. I love how the colors came out. The colors in the picture are pretty close to the actual colors.
  2. These things are addictive. I've started another. This one has a red and cream color scheme. Really just rh skeins lying around the house that needed to be used up. Almost done, a couple more rows and weaving in lots of ends. I must say, the last few rows are torture. They never seem to end!
  3. Feel free to copy my color scheme. BTW, there are seven rows of each color, and two rows of the white inbetween. I used bernat coordinates which added a nice shimmer (not really visible in the picture), but is somewhat slippery to work with. I love the color scheme of yours.
  4. Here is my completed baby round ripple. I only did about 26 rounds, but it still turned out pretty big. And for the edging I did reverse single crochet. Sorry for the dimness of the picture, rather poor lighting today. *Clickable*
  5. I'm working on pne for a friend's baby. Its coming out nicely, but it seems to be taking me forever. I'm using bernat coordinats, and a size F hook.
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