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    I am a mom, full time student and full time employee! Love to crochet!
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    Besides crochet, I also love photography, I am a beginning knitter, reading blogs and books, camping
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    Software System Administrator
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    afghans, scarves, felted purses
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    Off and on since I was a little girl!
  1. Hey everyone! Just wanted to show the contents of my wonderful package and thank LeslieG! This is what I received: several skeins of sugar n' cream, some red heart casual cotton, and a new type of yarn that I have never used before: It is called King Tut! All of that plus a great tote that will be perfect for carrying around a crochet project, and some crochet notions. I love it all! The colors of the yarn are fabulous, she really did her homework! I can't wait to start making something! Thank you so much Leslie ... it was great fun swapping with you! I hope you had a good trip and enjoy your package when you return!
  2. Leslie ... my husband says that I have a package from you, waiting for me at home! I cannot wait to get home and see what I got!!! YAY! And ... I mailed your package today ... I am nothing if not a procrastinator!!
  3. I got the hook today!! I am soooo excited! I will be crocheting tomorrow for sure!
  4. oooohhhh ... everyone is getting great stuff! I finished shopping like the DAY I got LeslieG's survey ... but now I am just finishing up another little something to put in with it. It will head your way very, very soon Leslie!!
  5. Do you think she could use some "gently used" baby/little boy clothing? I have been cleaning out some closets, and I've found some baby clothes and some bigger kid clothes that my son wore, and they are practically new! I will pm you for her address.
  6. Yay! Glad to hear it ... can't wait to see the finished 'ghan!
  7. Yay!! It is so exciting seeing my squares in someone else's home! I can't wait to see the blanket. It will be so fun with all those bright colored squares and novelty yarns! Perfect for your little girl!
  8. Granny Sunshine, I sent you a square yesterday. Can't wait to see your finished project. What a wonderful way to honor your husband! My thoughts are with you and your family ...
  9. AAAAHH! Got disorganized over the holiday weekend ... but I did put it in the mail yesterday. Sorry it took me so long! Can't wait to see the finished product and see how our lucky recipient likes it!
  10. I sent two squares off yesterday! Can't wait to see the finished blanket! It will be so cute!
  11. My square is done and ready to mail ... it will go out tomorrow!
  12. My partner is LeslieG! Hi Leslie! I have been looking through some of your posts and looking at some of your completed projects ... they are just beautiful! Can't wait to get to know you ... and to start shopping for you! The best part! :-)
  13. I think you might be the winner of unusual places! At least unusual circumstances!
  14. Last weekend I crocheted while sitting on a rock on the riverbank while my fiance fished ... and also I frequently crochet while cooking. I will stand in the kitchen and crochet while I wait for things to finish cooking. And ... sometimes I crochet in the car while I am driving ... well, not driving exactly. But at stop lights. I know I shouldn't ... but I get bored in rush hour traffic!!
  15. I don't want to know! I am sure I would be in the over $100 category ... but since I am not going to investigate to really find out, we will just go with umm... $50. That sounds like a reasonable amount right? Yep that is it. I only spend $50 per month on yarn. I am going to just keep telling myself that ...
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