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  1. I will be 67 in September and I learned to knit when I was 13 but didn't master crochet until I was in my 20's and a neighbor taught me after I taught her to knit. I have arthritis and it keeps my fingers from getting stiff and unuseable. I don't know what I would do if I could not crochet. I get requests from my grandson for socks every Christmas and my husband can not live without them. So I will be crocheting until I can not take another breath, they will probably have to pry the hook out of hand when I die. I love it.......
  2. Your diet can help with inflammation and prevention if you don't already have it. But keeping your joints moving is good for arthritis. I have had it for more than 40 years and I crochet everyday..all day if I can
  3. :cheerThank you for posting your pattern it is just so cute and I really want to thank you for giving permission to sell the finished product.
  4. I make them using rug yarn and they work great for dishes. Haven't tried them for anything else.
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