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  1. I save my patterns in the pdf format and then I just copy and paste them into my Kindle Fire as I need them. Using the USB cord is easier than the apps for me.
  2. My daughter gave me a kindle fire for Christmas, I love it, now I can take my crochet magazines and patterns with me wherever I go. It will save me so much money on printer ink and space storing the patterns I print. Did anyone else get one of these wonderful items for Christmas. Oh and I can read and read and read my favorite books.............
  3. My son has sent me pictures of the area where they live and it is a very pretty neighborhood. Maybe someday I will get to see it in person
  4. Beverly214 where can I get the pattern you talk about I have a ton of scraps I need to use
  5. Where in Germany are you from, my son and his wife live in Moeglingen Germany welcome to Crochetville
  6. Does anyone know the link to a free download for making your documents into a PDF any help would be appreciated
  7. I made these for my glass or beverage can to keep them from dripping on me while I am crocheting or surfing the web. What do you think???
  8. Can anyone tell me how do you put a photo in a post????? Thanks for any help....
  9. If you have kids or grankids and need the yarn in balls they should be able to help you out. keep using the hands it helps to get them back to where you need them to be.
  10. Try Bev's cottage she has a lot of good patterns for socks
  11. It does not give a finished size, I looked through the pattern and it does say it can be done in worsted weight yarn, so that solves that problem but what hook do I use so the elephant isn't huge. I am making this for a little boy that is autisic and I want him to be able to carry it not ride it hahaha...I got the pattern from freevintagecrochet.com
  12. I have a vintage pattern for making a elephant I need some help figuring out the type of yarn and hook to use. the pattern calls forAmerican thread company Dawn or Clover leaf Germantown Wool. and a Bone crochet hook #2 can anyone translate that into todays terms....Thanks
  13. Thanks for all the answers, I want to make this for my husband, not to sell..........he just turned 72 and is not in great health, he loved the time he served in the marines and I want to make it for him for Christmas. The one posted by RoseRed is just what I am looking for, just do not know how to go about getting the directions etc. Thanks
  14. I am looking for a pattern for a crocheted afghan,with the Marine Corp globe and achor and the USMC on it. I would like to make this for my husband. Thanks for any help. Free or I can buy it if it isn't too high.
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