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    i just started crocheting again after 10 years w/ some new people i met here in Astoria
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    Astoria, Queens, NY
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    crocheting, henna body art, music, social justice
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  1. yeah! when i went last year, i won a beautiful book Andean Folk Knits from one of the publishers there! for free! i had a really good time meeting the different shops, and see what else lily chin had made... i'd really like a reason as to why this is not happening for us in NYC when it's happening, apparently, all over the country.
  2. hello all... i look forward to the knit out and crochet in new york (union square) every year.... i read on the craft yarn council web page that there will not be a knit out and crochet this year in new york city? http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/knitoutbrochure.html#listing why?!!?! i'm pretty upset about this... please let me know what's going on!
  3. is that using the fp/bp dc technique? or other technique? i'm a little annoyed by lion brand's way of finding patterns lately....
  4. hello crocheters!! i'm making gifts for my friends. i'm going to make neckwarmers. instead of doing plain old DC for the neck warmer, i really like the way rib stitch looks in knitting. i did a small swatch using the 'rib stitch' in crochet (fp dc, dc, fp dc, etc, second row: bp dc, dc, bp dc, dc, etc) when i did swatch.... the fabric comes out... holy... not very solid, holes between the bp/fp dc's and the next dc..... should i just be doing this a little tighter or is this the way the stich will look? or any other suggestions on how to make a rib stitch looking neck warmer?
  5. hello crocheters! i need your help, i didnt know where else to put this. i'm thinking of crocheting gifts for my co workers/friends. i know it's november and we have a small amount of time to get this done. so i was thinking of making them neckwarmers, since they loved the one i made for myself. so now my problem is which yarn do i get? what i'm looking for in yarns is: affordability wool blend, or affordable wool worsted, or maybe chunky/bulky (will work up quicker) nice variety of colors can be found in yarn store or be affordable at an online store.... i was looking at smileys... the red heart shetland chunky would be great, but they only have 3 boring colors. what do you all think? thanks!
  6. argh!!! i woke up late and got to the event late! too bad i couldn't meet you amie! but good news... i won a book from Lark Publishing (i think under the Storey Publishing tent)... i got to choose whatever book i wanted. please dont kill me. my parents are from south america and i have been eyeing up this book for a long time: Andean Folk Knits -- they have gorgeous pictures and descriptions of each of the countries where the patterns are from. i hope to make something nice for members of my family. did you all have a good time?
  7. amie... i'm sorry if i sound a little creepy but... i'd like to meet you! you make some fabulous patterns! and thanks to your videos on your site i learned how to tunisian crochet! you rock! this knit out/crochet is gonna be awesome!
  8. hey there... i didn't see a thread on this... but, there will be a crochet/knit out on September 17, 2006 in Union Square NYC!!! here is the link for the event: http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/knitoutbrochure.html i had sooooooooo much fun last year! who else is going? does anyone know any 'celebrities' that will be going? shops? events? workshops? please do share!
  9. thanks so much for the compliments everyone.... and yes, she did recieve it and she liked it. i'd like to see everyone else's shawls!
  10. i thought we were supposed to use an F hook? anyway... i believe i used an H hook instead. i would go down to the hook size you feel is best. i think my shawl actually came out larger than it was supposed to be because i used a larger hook.
  11. thanks so much for looking at this post and for your compliments Amie!! it really is a wonderful pattern, beautiful stitch and shawl. thanks so much for making it and submitting it! i'm about to make one for myself!! and thanks to everyone else for your responses and compliments! i can't keep up! i hope to tackle some more projects from this book. take care!
  12. thanks so much for your positive responses everyone! well, i'll tell you a little story... i was walking down the street to my part time on the weekend.... someone was bringing out some stuff to sell on the sidewalk here in nyc... and i saw that mannequin... 'how much for the mannequin?' 'five dollars' whoa! so i bought it. i had a lot of lint on it, but i have a lint brush.... amazing what a cute mannequin will do to your work. did i block this? no. the yarn is kinda stretchy? this yarn, Patons Brilliant, gives this shawl and awesome drape. it's acrylic sooo... it just turned out fabulous.
  13. hey people! i havent been doing well financially for the past few years... so every time my friend's birthday comes around, i haven't been able to get her anything. well this year i splurged on some yarn and worked really hard to finish this for her.... I used 5 balls of Paton's Brilliant in Lilac. i'm sorry, i'm really proud of this. it is a beautiful pattern, and this yarn makes it look fabulous... i hope you all enjoy! thanks so much to Amie for a wonderful pattern!
  14. this pattern has sooo many errors in it it's quite disappointing. but, it's great that you figured it out.
  15. yay!!! i am making this shawl as a gift for one of my friends. this is an absolutely beautiful pattern. just pick beautiful yarn, and it will be amazing. i'm currently using paton's brilliant in lilac. it looks fabulous!
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