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  1. again everyone! I hope you are having a good weekend. To answer your questions, DD is very excited about the baby. They will be almost 7 years apart, so it will be good to have a big helper around the house. I'm not sure yet if we'll find out the sex of the baby. I didn't with my first, always said I would if I had a 2nd, but now that I'm pregnant I'm not sure I want to know. I just did groceries and some cooking today. We had a nasty thunder storm here this morning.
  2. Thanks Joanne I've missed you too. It is just hard to fit it all in! Plus I had a lot to deal with in my head, if you know what I mean. Oh I'm not worried about my crochet mojo. It will come back when I least expect it. Happy to see that you are expecting a grandson! How exciting! I love your totes What fun! :hug
  3. Hello Strangers! I'm still alive, but don't seem to have much time to visit. I saw a lovely surprise post from Scooby and it was FANTASTIC to get an update from her (once a Bestie always a Bestie!). Joanne's update on everyone below her post was great to help me catch up too. So, how is everyone? An update on me....I hope you are sitting down. In early April I negotiated a contract to go back to work at the clinic with the perfect hours. I spent the next couple weeks getting child care and summer daycamps organized for DD, started training and then....SURPRISE! I found out I'm pregnant! :clap:clap So, it took me a few weeks to get my head around all this, I've been busy getting used to my new working schedule, and now I'm settling into my pregnancy. I'm due Christmas day. So, what on earth else could I include in an update? Working life is busy. I work M-F and finish at 3:00 in time to get DD after school most days, stay until 3:30 on Fridays. I find it hard to keep up with things at home, but I'm figuring out how to fit things in and focus on what needs doing. I am starting to feel more energetic now. I'm sure it was a combination of early pregnancy and starting a new routine that had me tired out for a few weeks. I'm still not crocheting. It's been put away and I'll take it out again someday. You'd think with a baby on the way I'd be motivated to make cute little things, but not so much right now. We had a cool, rainy spring. Everything is very green here and it's finally starting to be sunny and warmer. That's about all from me. :hug:hug:hug for all of you!
  4. everyone! I'm still alive! I just wanted to stop by to say hi. I am sorry I haven't been around and I miss you all! I will try to stop by and catch up properly sometime soon, but for now, I haven't forgotten you and want to give you these :hug:hug:hug We're all fine here. Just a whole lot of stuff going on....good stuff...busy stuff. :hug
  5. Joanne - I made this hat http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/80752AD.html?noImages== It worked up cute. If link doesn't work it's the Margaret Hat on Lionbrand. I think we'll spend today at home. I need to catch up on my cleaning and on my relaxing. Have a great day everyone!!
  6. Good morning friends! I haven't been on here for days and days! So busy! We are on March Break here. I took the week off of babysitting, which is nice. Our nephews were visiting for the last 3 days, so that kept us busy. Otherwise all is well. I made myself a really nice hat last week. That's about it! to you all. I've been thinking about you! :hug:hug
  7. everyone! Not much exciting around here. I finished the sweater for DD's doll (which she asked to be short sleeved with no buttons), and when I tried it on the doll for her before sewing in ends she asked for longer sleeves and buttons. She'll just have to make do with what I made. I'm out of yarn for the sleeves and I'm not going back to add button holes now. Maybe next time. ....Kids!!! Joanne - Glad to hear you have something that will suit you in your old department and that you are not going back to the old job. I wish you the best of success in your new job! for Sunday off. How was the Chinese food? Now that is something I miss being on weightwatchers. Yummy! LeeAnn - Enjoy your weekend. Your day "off" with the kids sounded like so much fun and I don't blame you for taking them out of school for a day. Family time is important too Sarah - Enjoy your new craft supplies. Marisa - I love your socks! They are awesome! Your sister is going to love them! How is your knitting coming along? Beth - Glad to hear you had a good day. I can tell you enjoy having all the kids around. What fun! That shawl will be beautiful in gold :dreaming to Elizabeth, Mary, LeaAnne, Vicki, Stacy, Shannon, and anyone I've missed! Welcome to the weekend!
  8. So I was reading along last night, only 20 pages or so left in Jane Eyre, and the battery in my e-reader ran out. I had to plug it into the computer to recharge it. You can keep reading while it is plugged in, but I like to curl up on the couch and read so I finished it this morning. I must say, though, that is the first time I've had to recharge it and I got it for Christmas. I'm keeping a list of the books I've read this year (well, the novels, I read a lot of cookbooks and non-fiction that I don't keep track of...and of course I don't track the books I read to DD ). While my e-reader was charging I was on-line here poking around and got to chat with Shannon She says I asked her to stop by sometime and see us. Hopefully she will. All is well with her. Joanne - Yes, congrats to you on your 10 lbs too! Feels great doesn't it? Stacy - I hope you slept better last night. Can't wait to see your minion. Your prof sounds fun. It makes a big difference. How is Mia feeling? Marisa - Enjoy your knitting and just go with it. As you say, you can always wear it around the house. LeeAnn - WTG on getting your tax licence. So I guess you are officially open for business! DD and I are planning to go swimming today. Otherwise I just need to vacuum the basement and clean the downstairs bathroom. I think we are going out for dinner tonight, so I'm not going to cook
  9. :elle I made it to 10 lbs lost at WW tonight! I hope everyone had a good day. I had my morning volunteer job cancelled at the last minute, so I got some time off that I wasn't expecting. Bonus! I made some vegetable soup and vacuumed and did laundry. I also watched the Parenthood episode I DVRd last night (so good!) and read my Jane Eyre. I'm almost done the book...maybe tonight. It was bitterly cold here today. So windy! I can't wait for spring!!!!! Joanne - I hope you get some rest tonight. Your baby blanket sounds adorable. I still have to take the pic of my shrug...I'll try tomorrow. Beth - I hope the ballerinas are less loco next time you go. Elizabeth - We have a Michaels in the next town over (20 minutes drive), but it will be nice to have one in town. And it's right near Walmart and my MIL's...two places i often go . We don't have Hobby Lobby here in Canada. Hopefully some day I can visit one. Marisa - How was your day? LeeAnn - What were you up to today? Sarah - I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your embroidery kit. to everyone else! Mary, LeaAnne, Stacy, Shannon, Vicki, and all our friends! Think about you all a lot!
  10. everyone! My day was I took DD out to lunch and then we went bowling. It was DD's first time bowling (and my first time in probably 12 years). It was lots of fun! I wore my shrug today. It is very cozy. And I'm still reading away at Jane Eyre. I hope to see the movie when it comes out. Oh...big news!!! There is a sign up near a big shopping area here in town that is still being development that reads "Michaels coming soon" :clap:yay:elle I am so excited! LeeAnn - Great job on the shams and pillow. You are one talented lady! Mary - nice to "see" you. How exciting that you have 8 lbs coming your way! Elizabeth - Thanks for the chicken lesson. Good luck! to everyone else! Have a great evening!
  11. Beth - Glad to see you back here today. I was afraid we would lose you to the fame I love shrimp. If I'm ever in Hampton can we go out for some seafood? Joanne - Take care of yourself!!!! You need to eat regularly and healthy when you are working long hours. I hope you get some good eats today. Don't forget your vitamin!!! Stacy - I've been going to bed early lately too. Last night it was 9:20. I was tired. That's nice that DH wants to share when he gets home though Marisa - How was your evening with the DVR? We love ours. LeeAnn - Can't wait to see the shams. WTG cleaning the oven. I did that once when we were first married and burned a hole in the floor with the cleaner I haven't been "allowed" to do it since. Shucks My DD is feeling much better today. :hug:hug:hug:hug:hug Here's a daily dose of hugs for all who want one.
  12. Beth - How neat is that to see you in action! Please don't let the fame go to your head Stacy - Can't wait to see your minions. LeeAnn - Congrats on joining WW! I hope it works well for you! Your afghan is truly gorgeous. Can't stop thinking about it. Marisa - You had a busy weekend, lady! I hope your day at work was a good one. BTW that hook case was beautiful! Joanne - Day 1 of 12 is done. And this is your last 12 day work week LeaAnne - Thinking of you friend! I hope you are not lost in spring flower-land. Sarah - Enjoy your embroidery project. Elizabeth - How are the eggs going? I finished my shrug I know Colleen actually finished a crochet project It worked up so quickly and I had just enough yarn. I added two rows to make it fit (might have managed without them, but it's better to be comfy). I like it very much! It's a self striping yarn, so that makes it very unique. I would love one in a solid. Maybe a black or purple :dreaming Maybe someday! I'll take pics in the daylight someday soon. I had DD home from school today with a cold. Poor little angel. She's fine, but needed some rest. We cleaned and rearranged her room and did some relaxing (hooking for me, cartoons for her). Have a great evening all! See you soon!
  13. LeeAnn - That bedspread is so beautiful! You did a wonderful job! I love the colours! Good luck with the pillow shams! Thanks for saying I'm a good mom. I love my daughter more than anything and consider it a priveledge to be a mom. Playing in the snow and baking are just some of the most fun parts! Sarah - We are nearing spring weather too, but we often get snow in March...and sometimes in April. The rain has brought down the walls of our snowfort. But that's okay, we had fun making it. I started that shrug that Joanne posted the link for. I have no idea if it will fit, but I guess I'll find out. I had some yarn on hand that should work perfectly I learned tonight that I won't be babysitting this week. The mom has taken a week off...which means I get a week off too My DD is so excited to have some mommy-daughter time on her no-school days (and so am I ).
  14. Joanne - Thanks for the link to the shrug pattern. I really like that. Hmmm, you've got the crochet part of my brain all a twitter! Stacy - Yay for a delay in your test. It sounds like you are doing a great job at keeping at your homework and that will help you succeed! Beth - I hear you about the winter blahs. I'm not really down in the dumps, but I am really ready for spring. We had more snow last night, but it's raining now and should be warm enough to create a muddy mess by tomorrow. March is a very muddy month. I'm enjoying the classics. I have read many of them over the years, but there are always more! Elizabeth - Good luck with your eggs. I have no idea what it means to set them City girl here We are off to swimming lessons here shortly. We made a huge snow fort this morning and enjoyed a warm morning outside. DD had a friend to play this afternoon, so the day has gone quickly. I made homemade granola bars today (substituted apple sauce for oil and saved a point ). Some of them have gone into the freezer already. I just can't keep myself away from the baking when it sits out :hug:hug to you all. I think I might look at my yarn tonight...
  15. everyone, The meatballs turned out great and the party was a success. DD loves parties. Now I'm curled up on the couch with an e-book. I'm enjoying some classics this winter. I'm reading Jane Eyre right now, in prep for the new movie that comes out soon. Stacy - The laundry mat sounds like a great place to escape to homework. Are you planning to move away from the roomie arrangement in August? Joanne - Your weekend sounds restful and relaxing. Enjoy. Beth - Take care of yourself. to everyone else. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Back to Jane and Rochester!
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