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  1. Hesper

    I crocheted KENNY!

    You @&%!#^&! Nvm, just kidding. Seriously, great job!
  2. Wow! What yarn is that? Your bag looks great!
  3. Thanks for your help I'm taking the plunge today, and will try to post pics.
  4. http://home.att.net/~susanbinkc/patterns.html?avshell2.html Another pattern for ya, this is one I've been working on. It's a shell/v-stitch pattern, and so far it's really nice.
  5. Hey all, I'm going to be trying dying tonight with Fisherman's wool and some Koolaid, probably nuking the yarn in the micro, and I have a few questions about it. Sorry if I sound kinda silly with some of these questions. - What kind of microwave-safe pan should I use? Will the dye stain the pan? Should I go buy a pan just for dying yarn, or can it be used later to cook food? - If the dye gets onto my hands, is there a way to remove it? - Is vinegar required, or not necessary? - How do you handle the smell? Or perhaps..how long til the smell goes away? Any responses will be appreciated! Thanks
  6. Love the bag! You did a great job. Personally I've got two more fbb's in the works. One was just lined yesterday, I just need to do the handles yet. Pics coming eventually
  7. This is so tempting because there's this beautiful pattern here http://www.maggiescrochet.com/pages/Fashion/SDS034_lotus_dress_main.htm, but I don't know the first thing about hairpin lace.. In fact, the pattern talks about crocheting the hairpin lace, but here you guys are talking about looms.. I think I'll just sit back and watch this CAL for now Good luck ladies!
  8. Hesper

    Heart Pillow

    Yes, I did mean you thanks for the inspiration! As for the patterns.. Pillow pattern itself came from http://www.crochetme.com/pieces-of-my-heart The flower from http://patbythehook.blogdrive.com/archive/31.html And the leaves from http://www.crochetdoilies.com/crochet_rose_applique.html The yellow thing in the middle of the flower was something I made on my own to hide the hole in the center of the flower. Thanks for the comments.
  9. Hesper

    Heart Pillow

    Ok, I caved in and started up a heart-shaped pillow, after seeing the pattern beautifully done here on the ville This is my first stuffed crochet project. There's another pic on my blog to show the 3-Dness of the flower, and some details.. Other than that, enjoy.
  10. Here's mine, it's got some crochet & jewelry projects posted for you. http://hesper.wordpress.com
  11. First, just wanted to thank you all for the comments on the fbb! Secondly, the bag was done in hhdc, and took 3 days of rushed, crazy-woman-crocheting/sewing to get done. The stitch was a pain to work with at first. But when you just yo-ed and pulled yarn through the stitch (3 loops on hook), just pinch the loop closest to your hook with your thumb and middle finger as you pull it through the middle loop. Then follow directions like normal for the rest of the stitch. I found my crocheting go much much faster doing it this way, hope it helps those who find the hhdc frustrating. Third, the straps are an awesome idea, it really makes the black bag look great. I'm gonna try that out on my next bag, thanks! edit - Just noticed your bag Betty and had to mention that it's a great looking bag - love the colors and the lining. Good job!
  12. Yay, my first fbb! I've been doing a full-time student teaching internship, and since this was my last day in the school, I thought this would make a good thank-you gift for my teacher who I was working with. She absolutely loved it, and walked around showing the bag and its lining to the kids. It was done using Caron Perfect Match in Lace, it didn't take that long.
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