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    Hi, I'm Christine. I hope to get to know everyone here better because I love this place!!
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    I love to crochet(of course!), read, surf the net, etc.
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    I stay home with my babies.
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    I prefer afghans, but I will take on anything that looks interesting
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    I taught myself(and a few friends) how to crochet in 1997.
  1. I am so glad everyone liked my afghan!!! I guess that means she'll love it too! :-) boksie -- I made it for a friend of a friend because she was retiring and my friend thought she needed something to keep her warm while she was "retiring" bearland53-- it was supposed to be 4 x 6 but I think it's a little bigger than that... I didn't even measure it yet dobermama -- sure you can be my friend and I will gladly make you one.. but you will have to get in line behind the rest of em because there are about 3 waiting .. lol thanks again everyone for the replies !!
  2. I made this afghan for a friend of a friend. Now my friend wants one too in different colors. I made this with basic granny squares, 10 rows of 7, with 3 sc rounds for the border. I hope she likes it!! It made out of "I love that Yarn!!"
  3. I went back and checked my folders and there is nothing there from you. My first thought was how could I be so rude and never answer you, but I didn't remember getting a pm from you, so I checked and nothing was there. So maybe they got lost somehow? I don't know, but if you want some of the books just let me know ok. Thanks! Christine:)
  4. I would take a money order but how much would it cost to ship to Italy??
  5. This is a little late, but I guess it's better being late posting than not posting at all. My swap partner Leanne (Chrispersmom) sent me an awesome package. I actually got it last monday, but I haven't had the time to post that I got the package yet. And I'm sorry for that, so I'll try to remember everything that was in the package because she sent a whole bunch of awesome stuff, but the kids got some of it to do some little projects. Here goes: 1. 2 skeins of red heart in a multicolor .. (which my daughter adopted to do a scarf for someone for christmas) 2. some pretty pink thread 3. an awesomely done flower doily .. that my mom is begging me for !!! lol 4. 2 craft projects for the kids 5. 2 project books .. one is for crochet bears, the other is plastic canvas 6. some plastic canvas and needle 7. some perfume and body lotion in a pretty little bag 8. some chocolate kisses .. which baby and hubby ate before i got home from work .. lol 9. christmas pencils and erasers 10. 3 cookie cutters 11. a skein of red heart foxy .. cherries is the name of the color .. very pretty pink 12. a skein of caron simply soft in soft pink 13. a tigger ink pen that lights up when you write 14. a pretty bag filled with potpouri and candles, and they smell soo good!! I think that's the end of the list, it was an awesome package to get, I thought I was never going to get to the bottom of the box!! Thank you Leanne, have a merry christmas and a happy new year!!
  6. I would be willing to trade for equal amounts of yarn also...
  7. The price for the books are $10 plus shipping.
  8. Let me know if anyone wants any of these books. If not I'm making a trip to Goodwill today and I'll drop them off. I thought someone could use them here but I guess not. Have a nice day everyone!
  9. The books are $10 per book plus $1.50 shipping per book. Crochet Books: The Crochet Yearbook Pending Big book of scrap crochet projects Wishes and Wonders Easy living crochet Crochet for a quiet evening A year of afghans 1999 Big book of scrap crochet afghans Pending Afghan romance Vanna's favorite crochet gifts afghan splendor Sold 150 weekend crochet projects Afghan sentiments Annie's favorite Home decor projects Herrschner's blue-ribbon afghans Pending Quick-stitch crochet afghans Pending Join as you go afghans Pending Creative crochet in a day Crochet gifts to go Crochet with bits & pieces 101 granny squares Pending Top technique & special stitch afghans Great big crochet afghan book Sold Easy weekend afghans Sold Crochet for caring & sharing Pending Quick and cozy afghans (front page has come loose and has a few crayon marks on the front page) Crochet holiday collection 101 easy scrap crochet projects Knitting books: How to knit Comforts of home: simple knitted accents Quilting books: The simple joy of quilting Fat quarter quilts Plastic canvas books: Country keepsakes 401 plastic canvas itty bitties 101 quick gifts in plastic canvas Bugs, butterflies, birds & blooms Crochet magazines: Crochet world April 2002 Old time crochet Spring 2002 Pending Sharing the art and soul of crochet March 2002 Crochet world August 2000 Crochet with heart Premier Issue Annie's favorite crochet December 2004 Fast & fun crochet Winter 2000 Pending Fast & fun crochet Summer 2001 Pending Hooked on crochet October 2005 Pending Hooked on crochet August 2002 Pending Red heart treasure afghans to crochet Kid pleasing afghans Beginner's guide crochet stitches & easy projects Knit & crochet sweaters Crochet leaflets: 63 easy-to-crochet pattern stitches Treasury of crochet edgings (The only thing wrong with this one is a piece of paper is stuck to the front cover) The ultimate ripple afghan book (knit and crochet) Scrap happy rugs (2 of these) Navajo afghans Decorate with afghans Crochet n' weave rugs Lady ester bear and friends ( 2 of these) Southwest home Scrap sensations Katina cuties (doll clothes) Denim & daisies kitchen set Hug-a-bugs Fireside warmers Weekend vests Big book of slippers Beautiful blossoms afghans Pineapple suite Lacy table toppers Beary sweet baby afghans Quilting leaflet: Quilting color magic Plastic canvas leaflets: The ultimate plastic canvas guide (2 of these) Happy holidays baskets Nifty gift totes Baskets, bowls & more That's pretty much it folks. Pm if you would like any of these or if you have any questions.
  10. I have seen the pattern around somewhere, and even printed it, but I am looking for it now but I can't seem to find the one I printed or the one on the internet. Could someone point me in the right direction?? It was a crochet pattern for both Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Help!!
  11. I do believe I have a couple of the #10 thread rolls .. some used though. All in white and off white, but none in the christmas variegated. If you want to trade for those then that's fine. I can send you a picture of what I have if you want. Just let me know. Thanks
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