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  1. Thank you very much for all the great ideas! Now I have lots of ideas for this Christmas and next few years!
  2. I'm planning to crochet something for my cousin's 4 kids this year. I gave them each a scarf for last Christmas. So sadly, scarves is out this year! The oldest is a boy who's 12, then the 3 girls are 11, 10 and 8. 12 yo boy's favorite colors – aquamarine blue, orange 11yo girl's – teal blue, emerald green 10yo girl's – lavender purple, royal blue 8yo girl's – sky/turquoise blue, granny smith green Thank you very much in advance for all your suggestions!
  3. I'm crocheting some preemie blankets for Project Linus. I'm wondering if you have a favourite pattern ? I have crocheted most of them with the Sideways Shell Baby Afghan(aks: Newbie Shell Afghan) and now I'm using the pattern without the hood from Lion Brand Pound of Love. My ds3 received blankets during his more than 3 month stay in 2 hospitals. I would like to crochet some blankets for other preemies too! Also, does the preemie blanket measures 12"x 18" for this organization? Thank you!
  4. Very pretty blanket!! I'm going to crochet some for preemie blankets to give away!
  5. Very pretty scarf! :clap:clap I'm printing your pattern now!
  6. I'm doing my last minute crochet scarves for my 3 nieces, they are 7, 9 and 10 years old. They are quite tall for their age, the ten year old is already 5 ft tall and her sisters are only a few inches shorter. May I know how long their scarves should be? My 11 yo nephew is also 5 ft tall, I guess I can just crochet the length for his 10 year old sister's scarf! I also have a scarf for my cousin who is about my height, around 5'2". How long should I crochet her scarf? My other cousin is very tall, he's about 6ft, is 72" or 6ft long enough for him then? Thank you for all your replies! I really appreciate them!
  7. :clapWow! Beautiful scarves! The snake scarf is cute!
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