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  1. very nice! thanks for the pattern link:)
  2. what a great shawl, and thanks for the pattern post (cant remember back who it was, but thanks:)
  3. looks fabulous! glad to hear that the drought is over:)
  4. oh my, gorgeous purse! thanks for posting this pattern:) very generous of you:)
  5. julie: i bought one more robin egg skein and there were about 4 left at the store. i love the colour and its for a wedding gift so i am blitzing through all the 'rose'/robin egg squares first to make sure i dont run out:) good thing i was perusing the red heart website or i wouldnt have even known about it being dc. what a shame, its a gorgeous colour. exactly like a robin's egg. the 'green' squares i am doing in white and the ecru keeping it ecru. just want to get it all done!
  6. good luck to all the newbies. i have just started back on this thing. i blasted through about 5 squares since friday. i am up to about 25 done now. i was making them very ocd-like and doing each square by numbers. i then discovered to my horror that the yarn i am using for the 'rose' square (tlc essentials in robin egg) isnt showing up on their website and i think is discontinued. so now i am doing all the 'rose' squares first. this CAL is perfect as i love to do small bits here and there.........i get so bored with projects!
  7. welcome! after 30 years of crocheting, i am sure you have lots of input!
  8. welcome from a fellow canadian and a fellow "jana"
  9. i would love to join the cal, as i have the pattern book. but.....i am still working on the original for a wedding gift this aug! perhaps i will look it up when i am in the position to start it:) great idea for the auction!!
  10. hi elizabeth, i am in the vancouver area! welcome!
  11. its a toddler coat, in the candi jensen candy tots book.
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