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  1. Well I’m very excited to be greeting my first grandchild in February. I have been asked to make some loveys for the baby. I’d like to know your opinions of the best yarns to use and why. I’d love for it to be as soft as possible but I worry about small threads or fibres coming off should the little one put it in his or her mouth. Any suggestions?
  2. Basically my question is, “Are these three stitches all exactly the same?” Also is there a name to crochet dc then sc then dc the sc etc, all the way across? thanks. 😁 Diane Coffey
  3. Hi Reni. Thank you. And yes. I had gone through most of the old posts before positing my question. I am determined to figure out how to make it. I swear I will because I love the look and that its bright and free and not huge. Might make a Lorenz Manifold as well, but there's instructions out there for that. Lol.
  4. Hi everyone. I haven't been here for quite a while but knew just where to go to get answers to my burning question. 😊 I have recently re-caught the hyperbolic crochet bug. I understand the principals of it but am having difficulty with one design in particular. It is a hanging structure by Gabrielle Meyer in an elongated triangular shape. How would this be done, do you think? A long chain and graduated sizes of crochet stitches on each side of the chain? This is the best concept I've come up with. Has anyone here ever tried it? I want to do this so bad I can taste it. Lol. Here's a picture
  5. Your Dora designs are the greatest! Thanks for sharing them!
  6. awwww. I can't get over your creativity with these doll clothes! They're wonderful.
  7. I have never seen such a perfect rubber duck! And I think he's great without eyes.
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