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    anything for my little princess
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  1. Like everyone else..... I love the colours! It is a very cute ensemble!
  2. Congratulations! She looks beautiful and she will grow to adore the lovely doll you made for her.
  3. That is beautiful! Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  4. This one has been on my to do list for so long. Every time I see it I get inspired. You have done a good job. Thanks for inspiring me again and the tip about the sizes
  5. She should be so proud! It is very cute. I like the yellow and green one.... very Australian looking.
  6. I went from replying on NC straight to here! Two posts on opposites sides of the world without even leaving rainy Brissy! I am amazing and I don't even own a Tardas.
  7. Learning to Broomstick lace is on my things to do before I die! Great scarf!
  8. NO WAY! Go on guess who I am on that other forum
  9. I am working on the pattern and it is being tested by a friend next week. Then I will put it out for other testers. It has arrived at its new home and there are photos on my blog of it being modelled by a cutiepie. There are also photos of three others I have done since whilst perfecting the pattern.
  10. That turned out really well. I had that colour wool in my hand for ages in my LYS. I might just go back and get it.
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