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  1. honeebee

    surgical caps

    those are great. good fabric choices.
  2. thank you so much. i really enjoy making them.
  3. i like to keep busy so i'm always doing different things. i like to try everything at least once. here are a few of the things that i make. hope you enjoy looking at my other crafty items. thanks kim
  4. iso the round ripple pattern everyone is using. would love to make some baby blankets. thanks kim
  5. those are very cute and practical. neat idea.
  6. how much yardage would you need?
  7. i was raoming around the internet and came across a web site i thought might be of interest to you guys and gals. http://www.mydailyfiber.com/default.asp hope this is the right place to post this and that it wasn't a repost.
  8. if you do other crafts this would also be useful. then you could have different colored binders. also could work for recipes. there seems to be endless ideas.
  9. the mother of invention ladies. a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. did you find any other useful junk at the house?
  10. honeebee

    Pet Patterns

    i have two chihuahuas. they are 4 months old. max is getting big enough now to wear some of the things in the stores. daizy is still hard to fit. i'd say that there is a definite want for these things.
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