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    knitting, crochet, singing, painting furniture, reading in the sun, animal rights
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    I'm a student learning disabilities nurse (developmental disabilities)
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    small things - bags, slippers, cushions, hats...
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    I finally learned in 2006
  1. I certainly have. It couldn't have come at a better time, and it was just LOVELY to receive.
  2. Well. I don't even know WHERE to begin. This morning, after a really HORRIBLE couple of days, my doorbell rang, and it was a delivery guy, and he had an ENORMOUS box for me. So, I have to say just THE BIGGEST THANKYOU EVER to my fgm, for everything. I'll take photos later and post them, because it's all just incredible. Seriously, you guys are not gonna believe this. In the box of awesome happiness is: A crocheted ripple purse in teal and black, lined with supercute skull and crossbones fabric C , D, F, G, H, I and J Susan Bates hooks A CUTE 18 month Cats calendar A tote bag with vanilla, chocolate and pirate cupcakes printed on it (!) some candy, and butterfinger flavoured cocoa mix Some superhot iron-on rhinestones; skulls and a cupcake! A round notepad with chocolate dipped strawberries on 2 skeins each of Cherry Blossom and Blueberry Wool of the Andes A lovely ceramic handpainted star An AWESOME crocheted cupcake, in a cupcake shaped gift bag A 100 piece USA map jigsaw puzzle! A skein each of pink, black, purple and green Lion Suede A cute trinket box with ice creams all over it A GORGEOUS (hand made?) beaded bracelet 3 cute sew-on fabric flowers A Reese's and a Hershey's lip balm TONS of worsted cotton Another superawesome cupcake gift bag A Clover Yarn-Cutter pendant Some gorgeous incense - one of my favourites! A BEAUTIFUL ebony G hook A mini hot glue gun and gluesticks Some skull and crossbones pencils! Hurricane, by James S. Hirsch, about Rubin Carter (I've wanted to read this for AGES!) A cute pair of socks with skull and crossbones on them A pair of slippers, again with skulls on! A LOVELY cherries hairband Some lovely Japanese Cherry Blossom hand soap, which is one of my favourite ever scents A gorgeous handpainted cupcake shaped ceramic trinket box and last but not least a lovely card and postcard from Massachusetts. So, in all, I am an INCREDIBLY lucky lady, who is immensely grateful to my lovely friend and FGM in Mass. :manyheart Thankyou thankyou thankyou!
  3. Wooh Kim! Your hat is awesome! Thanks so much for helping me out with it!
  4. Which can be seen here. You'd need around 300 yards worsted weight yarn and a 5mm (H) hook. The "problem" is, I have a big head and made the hat to fit my giant's head. So if someone would be willing to test for me, maybe 2 people test the "regular" size and 2 test the "big head/lots of hair" size, that would be awesome. *edited to add - All testers have now been found, thankyou. PM me if you're interested. Thanks, Kiri x
  5. Thankyou! I did, ktornatola is testing it for me, although I think it's too easy to really warrant testing!
  6. Thanks! Hopefully I'll get a better picture tomorrow, I'll get someone else to take it
  7. I have been crocheting a sweater for ages now and it seems to be going really slowly I wanted a "quick fix" and I also wanted a hat, so in a flash of... not really genius, just in a flash of thought, I made... The Pinwheel Hat! ^not a very good picture, from the side, trying to show the "panels" ^the top If you can believe it, the best photo I managed to take of it! Bizarrely, my face blurred... ^off, just on the computer. Please tell me what you think! I'm looking for some testers for this hat!
  8. My teacosies came! I am SO LUCKY I got TWO!!! They are just AWESOME and I am thrilled! One is shaped like a cupcake and it just too cute for words, and the other is all pink and awesome and has a matching hotpad. AND I got 2 balls of sugar and cream (omg!!!) in a really lovely colorway, and a journal and a notepad with a magnet on it which is already on my fridge, and loads of candy which I've been munching my way through (quicker than I intended) while I've sat and crocheted today, as it's my day off and I was determined to relax and flop about today! I am just over the moon with all my stuff! I'm so spoiled! Thankyou SO MUCH Kidge for my lovely lovely things! Thankyou thankyou thankyou you have made a crappy week into a super-awesome week! *eta I will take and post pictures later on!
  9. Mel, I'd be really interested to know what happened with this blanket? I PM'd you in October but haven't heard anything back. It'd be nice to see a picture, hear it how it was received, etc?
  10. Whee! I just cannot wait to receive it! I was disappointed when it wasn't here today. Perhaps it will be with me tomorrow I am so so excited! Even if my cosy was a ball of yarn, hook and pattern (a DIY cosy!) I would be thrilled. I am so excited about it now like you can't believe
  11. Whee! You're more than welcome! I'm glad you like it all! Now get and drink some tea
  12. Hey! I'm so pleased they got to you so promptly! I think that is just the fastest yet! I'm glad you like the cosy. It was quite a change from my original plans for your cosy, but I thought a field of bunnies was cute. And I just love Rowan yarn, and I thought that was a really pretty colour, and it is so soft! I love that stuff. I really hope you like the teas and tea infuser! Teas from Whittard are just my favourite! They are pretty much the only teas I drink. And I thought that the little tiny teapot infuser was just too cute to pass up. You nearly got teapot shaped salt-and-pepper pots but I was concerned they would smash in transit. I am pleased you like everything. I hope the cosy fits one of your pots. I have a couple of pictures of it on my pot (I had to check it'd fit!) if you would like me to post it?
  13. I got a stray skein of noro silk garden in 225 (my lys puts them at half price if she only has one or two left of that dye lot. Thankfully that happens fairly frequently hehe!), so I bought it and didn't know what to do with it, so I crocheted a diary cover that I thought was kinda dull. Then I realised I should knit one of these, after seeing other people's, so frogged the diary cover, re-wound it and voila! Although how anyone can knit this in an hour I don't know! It took me like ten hours! But, I like it *eta I actually learned to knit before I learned to crochet, and I used to be reasonably fast/good, but since learning to crochet and foregoing all others (ie knitting), I have become slow and rubbish haha so I thought it should go into the beginner knitters forum, despite having once knitted one lace sock. Hahaha!
  14. I got home to a note on my doorstep saying that I had missed the mail man and he'd left a package for me at the post office, so I ran to the post office and there was my lovely felted PURSE from creativity woods!!! I have had a few crappy days at placement lately so it was just a joy! Great great timing, really I got a really lovely package, I've now been spoilt twice in this swap! I got 2 skein of fluffy brown yarn, a green (GREEN! they're all grey in england) K hook, some tear-off patterns, a cute pen, some crayons and a drawing pad, some scrapbooking bits, a cute mini-manicure set, and two adorable brown and blue felt minipurses that are just great! I'll try to get a picture tomorrow when the sun's out, otherwise my purse will just look orange, like everything else I take photos of with my cellphone! Thankyou so much! My purse is just lovely!
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