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  1. Thanks all!!! I think I have enough info and links to deal with the pattern. Plus some extras!
  2. I ran across a crochet technique that I really would like to try but there is no written pattern or chart and I have a hard time dealing with video tutorial and it's not in English. I think it is Turkish and it looks like it is called Rhombus. Has anyone done this one before? It's on this page, about 5 down I think. http://yarnandhooks.com/index.php/2020/06/06/9-crochet-stitch-patterns-for-beginners/ and it looks like this.
  3. jlvking

    Charting issues

    I had actually gotten my graph paper out already. The design is on "graph pixels" right now. :) Thanks.
  4. jlvking

    Charting issues

    I am trying to create a blanket for my husband for our anniversary. I have a design drawn out and have tried to run it through several different programs but I can't seem to get anything workable. It's a labyrinth but my husband is 6', maybe 6'1", and since I want a useable blanket, I've done a very simple design with nothing but straight lines. I thought that would be a fairly easy thing to chart but I guess I have the ratio off and I can't find anything that will make anything workable. Is there anyone who can help guide me on how to get the ratio right so I can make this surprise? Or point me in the direction of someone who makes charts for people. Depending on the charge I am very willing to pay for it to be charted. Thanks!
  5. Yes, I should have mentioned that I looked there. Unfortunately, the two colors I need aren't in stock. And from what the employee said, they might not get restocked. But I'll be watching!
  6. I'm not a huge fan or multi-color yarns that have abrupt color changes but I liked the way Caron's Latte Cakes looked so picked up a few cakes. I have since decided that I really like it! Now, what happens a lot of times is I find something that I really like and it then disappears! I know it's a Michaels exclusive. The first time I got it there was a huge center aisle display and I bought some again last week. Since the "buy 2 get 1 free" sale was still on I went back yesterday for more. There was none. Some of the cake style yarns were in a bin they told me was clearance but none were the Latte version. The employee also told us that sometimes they big center aisle display can mean that they are not going to be carrying it anymore. Has anyone heard about the Latte Cakes being discontinued??? I made a large blanket out of it and it's nice and heavy and soft and, since I used the moss stitch, very breathable. I really hope they are still making it. I sure don't want to buy it second hand. I've seen it being offered for $20 or more!
  7. Thanks!!!! I don't know why I was being shown only one page. It's showing both now.
  8. This is a free pattern on Ravelry but the link takes me to a file on the WayBack Machine and it only seems to go through round 5. Does anyone know where I can find the complete pattern or does anyone know of a similar one? Doesn't have to be a free pattern if it is a unique design. I do want something pretty solid though, not a lot of holes. And rounded points.
  9. Thanks, Reni. I've got some of Donna's patterns. I was looking for something fairly solid and I love the gentle curves instead of actual points. I can probably adapt that though. I will check them out. As for where this ended up... I have no clue how that happened! LOL... Will repost. Thanks1
  10. This is a free pattern on Ravelry but the link takes me to a file on the WayBack Machine and it only seems to go through round 5. Does anyone know where I can find the complete pattern or does anyone know of a similar one? Doesn't have to be a free pattern if it is a unique design. I do want something pretty solid though, not a lot of holes.
  11. I have some variegated yarn that I want to use to make something that shows off the color transitions. I thought about a "traditional" Tunisian 10 stitch type blanket but would really like to make it round. I have found round coasters or tubes but those aren't really what I'm looking for. I'm wanting to do a flat spiral round. Has anyone seen anything like this??? Thanks!
  12. I'm using the Marble. This is what it's looking like. Yes, you do have to get used to the feel. As for the dyeable bamboo... I have no clue. I'd like to get into dyeing so will be doing some research.
  13. Thanks, redrosesdz! I think I will crochet up a square and measure how much yarn it takes. And thanks to you as well, Kathy. I like the Jojoland and will check that out. I actually have some of the James C Brett Marble DK on hand. Yes, it's acrylic and a bit rougher that some yarns but not too bad and I'm slowly getting used to the texture. I would love to find some affordable bamboo or a bamboo blend. HL has a bamboo/silk blend that I love but it's solid colors. Even a bamboo blend I could dye would work.
  14. I am wanting to make a entrelac throw but want to use a variegated yarn. Specifically one that sort of just transitions to a different color every once in a while so that the blocks are different. NOT one where the colors pool into masses of a solid color. What yarn does this? When dyeing yarn, how is this type created? I appreciate the help!
  15. You are very right! That is it. I have a lot of her patterns so I should have figured it out! And, ironically, I just started another nonagon blanket about an hour ago. I will double check that I don't have it hiding somewhere and if I don't I will use the link to go buy it! Thanks!
  16. Does anyone know where I can find the pattern for this version?
  17. I've thought about the squares or a long rectangle, Becky, but I want fingers on them. It helps the arthritis in my hands. One of the things I liked about the pair I lost was that they went up the arm some. Not quite to the elbow but almost. Was thinking about using the sock yarn that has some elastic in it, too.
  18. Last night I lost my absolutely favorite pair of fingerless gloves. (Actually they had half fingers.) I must have knocked them off the electric cart I was using at the grocery store. Called the store but no one turned them in. So now I am again thinking about making a pair but have not been successful in the past. Can anyone recommend a basic EASY pattern? Even a regular glove pattern that I can leave the fingertips off of. Something that can be used with a DK or worsted yarn.
  19. Thanks, RoseRed! Good idea. Although it might end up being a birthday present and not a Christmas present. Any other suggestions on graphing? That site doesn't exist.
  20. My son just came to me and asked how good I was at putting designs in things. When I got him to clarify he was wanting something made with the Ottoman logo. What he showed me was this... But he said it didn't need to be this fancy and I was thinking this... Any suggestions?
  21. Afghaniac - no, not quite Bristol. Just south of Knoxville. We are finally out of the hospital. Hoping to finish the ruffle in the next few days. Thank you all.
  22. Thank you all... I will see if I need to add to make wider. I was thinking that wide to balance out the look but it may not need it. Afghaniac (I love the name! And I feel a kinship. ) Thank you for the wishes for my daughter. We still have some unanswered questions but may get to go home tomorrow. There is a point where getting out of here and finishing recuperation at home is a good thing so you don't pick up anything else! And she has home nursing so they should be able to manage things.
  23. I have been working on a blanket while my 10-year old daughter has been in the hospital. (Well, actually I've been working on several projects as we've been here a little over 3 weeks now.) The blanket I am working on now is ready for it's edging and I want it to be a ruffle. I don't have access to my patterns or books (We are staying at the hospital or RMH) and I'm hoping someone can suggest their favorite ruffle patterns. Nothing really ornate as it's a bunch of two-toned granny squares, but I would like it to be about 2-3 inches wide. I appreciate the help - my brain is frazzled!
  24. I have been trying to get some for weeks now and the shelves are always really bare. I'm hoping to finish a pink and red project but so far haven't been able to. No one at the store know what is going on. Is anyone else having problems?
  25. WOW! I had no idea there were so many. I've never sen more than 12-15 at one time. But I'll see if that will work. Also have a couple e-mails out to people that were suggested as the original creator. Too bad the original post of the picture didn't have that. Thanks again.
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