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  1. Thanks, guys. >w< I can already tell I'm gonna like it here.
  2. Wow. o_o I'm loved! I really am! ::glee:: I got the yarn out of a bin in one of the art closets (it was already open) so I'm not sure what brand or kind it is (worsted? I think?), but I just went and bought some so I think I'm going to be ambitious and try fingerless gloves next. The hat wasn't too bad, and the stitches seem pretty basic. (For those of you who are impressed by the color changes, it explained how to do it in the pattern. I just figured I had nothing to lose by trying. XD <3) Thanks for the compliments, guys! I really appreciate it! Hope y'all like the next one as much. <3
  3. Everybody was. :tree I'm Nate and I'm from Connecticut; I'm a junior in high school and after failing miserably at knitting and making mediocre progress in sewing, I decided to try crochet. I just started earlier this week, and finished my first project besides a square yesterday. Tips and attention are appreciated. <3 Kisses, Nate.
  4. I know it isn't the nicest, but this is my first crochet project ever and I'm pretty proud of it. Loosely based off of some pattern my mom had. I say 'loosely' because it took me until about round eleven to figure out what half of it meant. That and I think I finished the top part with the bottom inside out. I'm not really sure. o___O Anyhow. MARVEL AT ITS BEAUTY. OR GIVE ME TIPS. EITHER WORKS. <3 http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o7/kiskakukla/IMG_2786.jpg Edited for link because I think it's bigger than the forum allows.
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