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  1. Thanks guys! I have set that particular piece of..err.. square aside for now! I really didn't anything could be worse than the Trinity stitch. Boy, was I WRONG!!!! LOL Anyway, I'm now working on the other squares! They seem to be coming along better!! Thanks again! Elizabeth
  2. Hey Jill!! Glad you found the place ok! Elizabeth
  3. How in the world did you manage to maintain your sanity and your hair???? I am currently trying to do the Chevron Relief Stitch square and it's driving me nuts!!!! I have frogged it three times because it doesn't look like it does in the picture. I'm following the instructions, I've tried changing my tension and it still doesn't work. Is there an error in the instructions that I don't know about??? Thanks for your help and for letting me release a little frustration!!! LOL Elizabeth
  4. Do the UFO's just have to be crochet related? I only ask because I have crochet UFO's and cross stitch UFO's!! All those UFO's would explain how the aliens stole my squares for 63 square crochet along!!! Elizabeth
  5. This is the first time that I have ever worked anything that long. Well, that's not quilted together anyway!!!! My DH actually picked out and bought the pattern. I had told him to pick out something for me to make him. After it arrived and he saw how big it was, he about fell over!! So did I! He said that he thought it was a bookmark! I told him he was no longer allowed to pick out anything unless he had a ruler handy so he could see how big 28" was!!!! I don't have to use magnification - yet!!!! But, I do use a stitching stand one of those Daylight lamps. That helps ALOT!!!! Because of my wrist, we got a maid who comes and cleans the house once a week, from top to bottom. My kids are 7 and 9 and have chores around the house after school and on weekends, and between them and DH, I usually get to take it easy. I do two loads of laundry a day, unload the dishwasher and walk the dogs, help the boys with their homework and cook supper. The rest of the time (while the kids are in school anyway) is mine to do with as I please. I kind of like it, but sometimes feel guilty because there's not much I can do because of my wrist. Because I do have depression and am learning to deal with it instead of letting it deal with me, I have learned that as a wife and mother, the best thing I can do is make sure I have time for myself everyday, even if it's only 15-30 minutes. On the weekends, or school breaks and when DH is off, they all know. Mom disappears for about half an hour and she's not to be disturbed. That's my time. My Dh gets time to himself as well. The boys also have alone time. I didn't know there was a UFO CAL. Perhaps I'll join that one. I have enough of them. I'm still in Sicily and will be for about another year and a half. DH is in the US Navy and is currently stationed here. We're hoping to go to Germany next!!! It's beautiful here, even during the "rainy" season!! This is a view from my front patio (my kitchen window also has this view)- http://pic10.picturetrail.com/VOL343/1798597/6521834/83910956.jpg The sheep herds go through the fields there every day. It's not too bad during the Winter, but during the Summer - ewwww!!!! From my kids bus stop, you can watch the sun rise just beyond Mt. Etna. GORGEOUS!!!!! I've got other pics too. If you want, I can email them to you. This post has turned into a book anyway!!! Sorry about that! Elizabeth
  6. What about a bedjacket? You know, the above the waist robe type things. They usually have zippers or buttons and she won't have to worry about sitting on it, or it getting twisted and making her uncomfortable. Elizabeth
  7. Hi, Juli!!! Looks like you and I are in the same boat!! LOL I also only have three squares done and signed up for this a looooooong time ago! I think there's still a few other people doing this as well. I am aiming to *try* and do about 2-3 squares a week. Won't get it done quickly, but it will get it done!! What colors and what type of yarn are you using? I am using Caron Simply Soft in Soft Green, Soft Pink and White. Elizabeth
  8. You mean there's someone here who makes hooks???? You said his name was Jimbo? Hmm..looks like I need to find me a man!!!!! Elizabeth
  9. OOh!! A fellow Xstitcher!!! It will be 28" long and about 5" wide when it's completed. I'm doing it on 32 ct lugana, which makes the quarter and 3/4 stitches pretty easy! I also use a stand, so generally don't involve my right hand all that often. I am slowly getting better at using my left for stitching! I've been working on it in the evenings for about the past week. Here's what I've done so far: http://pic10.picturetrail.com/VOL343/1798597/7543863/125266398.jpg I just can't wait to get my new brace so I can start crocheting again. I want to soooo bad. My afghan is just screaming at me, but I know that if I do, it'll only make my wrist hurt more. Elizabeth
  10. It is beautiful!!! I love it here! Someone on here mentioned something about a yarn shop in Taormina, which is about two hours away from me. One of the other ladies that lives here, said that there's also a shop in Mineo which is only about 15 minutes away. But, the one and only time that I have been up there, I discovered where the term "hairpin turn" came from! Apparently they don't believe in guardrails on that very steep hill!!! Right now, I rely on DH to take me everywhere, but with his duty schedule and the kids being in school, it's not easy to get around. However, hopefully by the end of next week, I will have a car and can do my own traveling!!! Then I will find out where all the LYS are, even if I have to drive 10 MPH up a hill to do it!!!! LOL:lol Elizabeth
  11. Last week I ordered a stand mixer, which will hopefully be here sometime next week!! We are saving up for a food processor, and until then DH either chops stuff, or we buy it prechopped. I also just do afghans right now. It's easier to work with the thicker yarns and hooks! Elizabeth
  12. Unfortunately, I live in Sicily, Italy. I can only order online. I love being stationed overseas, but I miss my craft and hobby stores! Elizabeth
  13. How long ago did you order them? I am thinking about getting those because they are on sale. Their price for the whole set is cheaper than the Annie's Attic price for one of the Trigger Grip Hooks. Thanks for the info!!! Elizabeth
  14. If you are experiencing any (chronic and/or constant) pain in either of your hands while you crochet or other times, I urge you to see your doctor. I was experiencing pain in my right hand for a few years before I ever went to see my doctor about it. The pain started at my wrist and would go up the back of my hand to my forefinger, middle finger and ring finger. Gradually it progressed to my thumb then the front of my wrist. Mine is to the point where even with surgery, I will probably lose mobility in my right hand by the time I am 50. I am 30 now. I waited far too long and I don't want anyone else to have to limit what they do because they put it off. I will give you a list of what I can and cannot do. Hopefully, it will help some to realize that it will effect more than their crocheting. I can't: Crochet longer than 30 - 45 minutes at a shot, then I have to rest my wrist and hand for a few days in between. Cross stitching with my right hand is TOTALLY out of the question because you have to "pinch" the needle between your thumb and forefinger. Chop fruits, vegetables or meats. This causes my hand and entire forearm to seize up for about an hour or two. Sweep, vacuum, dust, or fold more than a load of laundry (with my right hand) before my hand seizes up on me. Pick up pots and pans with my right hand. Everything has to be done with my left. Type "regularly" on the 'puter. This is rough for me because I went from being a fairly good typer to hunt and peck. Very frustrating. Give my husband neck rubs and massages. Lift weights, or ride a bike because I can't grasp the handle with my right hand. What I can do: Ice my wrist every night for about two hours. Ice on for 15 minutes, then take it off and do it again 30 minutes later. Wear a brace every night. Buy stock in Advil and Mobic. Replaced all my kitchen utensils to the big grip OXO brand. Not cheap, but it helped. Learn to do everything left handed and usually with just one hand. Hey - bright side is I'm becoming ambidextrous. Deal with it, because nothing is going to change it. I waited until it was too late to see the doctor. I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I want people to realize that if you are crocheting, and you get pain when you crochet and you have to stop for a while, that's a signal that something is wrong. Please, please, please see your doctor about it. Don't put it off. Elizabeth
  15. Hey, Gina!! I'm here as well! I'm still working on mine. I have finished the first three squares and hopefully will get a few more done this weekend! I never found the three I had done originally so I am having to redo those as well. I could definitely use some encouragement!!! LOL Once I figure out where my cmaera battery charger is at, I will take pictures and post those. I can't wait to see your pictures as well as yarnaholics! Elizabeth
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