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    I'm a Southern girl living in the Great Frozen North!
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    crochet, drawing, knitting
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    I like to try everything.
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    Since 2005
  1. I'm going to be 29 in less than a month. Not really very happy about that. I've been crocheting for over five years now. I taught myself.
  2. You know, come to think of it, with the stash that I have, I'll bet I'll have some of the yarn that's hoarded away in my house for several years. I wonder if I'll ever be shocked to rummage in my stash one day 15 years from now and I find yarn that's from right now? My husband will probably be distressed about it...
  3. Oh, I LOVE the Lee Ward's yarn. It's just got a texture I don't see in any yarns made these days. I wish I had more of it than I do. But I think I only have 1 skein left of white. Now that you mention it, hiding money in yarn might be a good way to go if you're into hiding your money at home. Who would think to look there? My MIL gave me some yarn when we moved up here, and a skein of Jack Frost was in it. I think I ended up using the yarn for something, but I kept the wrapper because it had a pattern I wanted to try on it.
  4. I think I COULD be more advanced than I am if I could muster the courage to attack some of those harder projects. But, for now, I'm comfortable sitting at the intermediate level, I think.
  5. Yes! It gives me the warm fuzzies. That's one of the reasons I like to watch 70's and 80's movies and TV shows. Seeing all the brown, orange, gold, and green colors in the curtains, carpets, wallpapers, flooring, and other decor brings back peaceful memories for me. I love it! I mean, you know... I wouldn't decorate MY house in those colors anymore, but I remember when the houses I grew up in were in those colors. Turns out that the colors of yarn I got were brown and mauve, too! Now that you mention it, one of the old price stickers on a couple of the skeins said "TG&Y". I
  6. I was feeling down yesterday, so my husband decided to stop by the flea market where I had spotted a few skeins of yarn before, but didn't look at it because we didn't really have money to be spending that day. He brought all of it back home with him last night, which did wonders to put me in a better mood! But, WOW. That is some OLD yarn! A few of them are a brand called "Sayelle" (which apparently still exists based on a search I did). The rest of them just say they're knitting yarns, but I didn't see any brand names on them. They all came from K-Mart. From the date on the clearance sti
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