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    I'm a Southern girl living in the Great Frozen North!
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    I like to try everything.
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  1. Trinket

    WW Wool

    I love wool yarn and use it primarily. Like others have said, caring for wool is a lot different than caring for acrylic, but it's worth the extra effort. You can find hand dyed wool yarns in a ton of interesting colors.
  2. I always seem to have a lot of blue and purple in my stash. And a lot of green as of late.
  3. I would use it for a scarf or neck warmer.
  4. There are some sellers on eBay that are located in China that sell quite a bit of hand dyed yarn. Given that the yarns and selling/shipping methods are so similar, I believe that the "different" sellers are actually connected somehow. I've purchased from one of the sellers before. I don't think it's wrong to mention the name of the seller here, so I will (mods, please edit or let me know so I can edit this to remove the name if it's not appropriate). The seller I bought from goes by "Pleasureshop88" on eBay. I first bought 3 hanks, then needed some more, so I did a Buy It Now on some more of the same colorway. The seller contacted me to apologize because they only had 2 hanks instead of 3 hanks in that color. Which was fine. I actually only needed 1 hank. So what I did was ask if I could have just 1 hank of that color, because I was finishing a project, and 2 hanks of some other color (didn't care what color it was, so long as they were both the same). They agreed, and to my surprise, the seller sent me both of the hanks of the color I wanted AND three more of another color. I think the prices are good and the yarn is a good quality. However, they say it's worsted weight on the listings. Maybe weights are a little different in China than here, but I don't see that as worsted weight at all. It's double knit weight or sock weight, but definitely not worsted. Which is fine, since I wanted to use the yarn for socks anyway.
  5. They probably removed the signs after you brought the price difference to their attention. They may have been busy and forgot to remove them before that. I know sometimes we forget to take down signs like that where I work. If it's an issue, we give the customer the cheaper price and apologize for the trouble. Likely, costs of production are just going up. I've noticed that with some companies, they'll shrink the amount you get in their product to avoid raising the price so it's a little less noticeable. With yarn, it looks like they just raise the price instead of shrinking the amount you get. I don't mind that, personally. I'm used to paying between $6-$20 on a single hank/ball/skein of yarn, as I tend to buy everything from my LYS.
  6. I'm going to be 29 in less than a month. Not really very happy about that. I've been crocheting for over five years now. I taught myself.
  7. I don't think it's going out of style. There is clothing with crocheted detailing on it at Walmart right now.
  8. Trinket

    Lace Scarf

    I've been a member of Crochetville since 2007. ..? Thanks for the compliments, everyone.
  9. Trinket

    Lace Scarf

    It's actually pretty dull looking without anything at all on the edge, so I would have to recommend you add something there. Maybe some picot edging just for a little interest. However, I'd more likely alter it so that there weren't so MANY of the shells. I think it's elegant with the shell edges, but there are just too darn many of them there.
  10. The only yarn I ever saw that made me think "calico" was some hand dyed wool I got on eBay. So far as I know, the seller still makes yarn in that color. It was black, yellow, orange, and white like you said. But then there was blue in it, too...
  11. There wasn't any Lee Wards around where I grew up, so I never experienced the store myself. But once I moved to an area in which there had been Lee Wards, I found a lot of the yarn from there at thrift shops and garage sales. I had several skeins of it in my stash. I used up a lot of it, gave away some, and still have a couple left now. Just some white now, though. Though I did have green and some rusty colored before that got used in a "vintage" afghan I made and gave to a friend who loves the 70's.
  12. Ah, yes. I know where you're coming from. It's happening to me... I bought some Plymouth Fantasy Naturale yarn, which is 100% mercerized cotton, for a summer shrug. I find that my hands get very achy while I work with it, which is unusual. I've never experienced that with any other yarn before. Maybe because it's heavier?
  13. I hate to admit it, but I have a baby blanket that has sat around for over a year unfinished. It was originally meant for a lady that went to the same church my mother went to who was expecting. But stuff happened and she had the baby and I just never finished it up. THEN it was supposed to go to my childhood friend who is now pregnant. But stuff happened there, too, and I just don't want to give it to her anymore. In the unlikely event I become pregnant, I'll finish it for my own baby, I'm sure. But, sadly, I can't imagine that's going to happen...
  14. Trinket

    Lace Scarf

    Thank you. And hello to you, Monique! Always nice to meet a fellow Minnesotan!
  15. Trinket

    Lace Scarf

    Apologies that I don't have the actual photos shown. They're larger than the forum rules allow, so I'll just link to them instead. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 I fell in love with this scarf when I saw it in the Spring '09 issue of Interweave Crochet. I started on it shortly after receiving the magazine in the mail, but was so, so lazy about working on it that it took me a year to finish it! Also, I kinda went overkill on it and made it much too long. I do like my scarves to be longer than most others seem to, but this was a bit too much. Oops... The design is pretty and not at all difficult. It's very fast and easy to make (unless other projects call for your attention and you forget you've started it, like me). I don't care for the shell patterning on the edges, though. I think they're too close together (at no error of mine) and are a total nightmare to block! And with this particular pattern, I highly recommend using some kind of natural fiber yarn that is blockable, because those shells will curl like crazy otherwise. I used 3 hanks of Malabrigo Lace yarn in the color "Alpine Pearl" and a B/1 2.25mm hook.
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