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    Native of PA, Crochet for 3 years, Love Animals
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    Crochet, Knitting, Painting, Music
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    small craft business in the making
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    Too many ideas
  1. furball1234


    Amy, I figured as much, but was worth the shot anyway. Thanks
  2. furball1234


    I was wondering if there was a way to use some of these emoticons for instant messaging from myspace.com. My friend and I are always up looking for new ones. Thanks:)
  3. furball1234

    Project Calculator!

    Thanks brianna, just added the calculator to my favorites:manyheart
  4. furball1234


    I am looking for a fairly Looooong runner to make for my piano. Longer than 72" Thanks.
  5. furball1234


    AWWWWW!!!! He is Soooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
  6. furball1234

    Been away now I'm back

    :ghugThank you all for welcoming me back with open arms . Had other things kind of on my plate and had to step away from this message board for awhile(oh yeah and it can get really addicting too). So Hello to you all!
  7. furball1234

    Easy small doilies

    Hi sparkles, Thanks! As I was waiting for a response I found a listing on myHQ site. Thank you for the other sites too.
  8. furball1234

    Easy small doilies

    Would anybody tell me where I might find free small doily patterns to make. I want these to be christmas presents for the ladies in my family, thanks.
  9. furball1234

    Camelot: My newest filet Runner Design

    Oh my! That is just stunning. Reminds me of the ornate royal homes you see in England or royal museums. Lovely
  10. furball1234

    Change of User Id

    I want to change my user Id is. Is it possible and how do I do it? Sue
  11. furball1234

    Been away now I'm back

    Hi! My name is Sue! The last time I posted on here was December of last year. Missed the board so decided to come back. Sue
  12. furball1234

    Dyeing Cotton

    My friend and I just used the Kool Aid to dye our cotton yarn. They ended up looking like Easter colors. I had to keep it down there to dry but can't wait to see the finishing result(I mean when I start crocheting with it) COOL BEANS!
  13. furball1234

    Great Welcome to Newbies!!!!!

    Welcome to all the Newbies from May 22nd to May 29th!
  14. furball1234

    Warning to all New Members!!!

    :rofl I admit it I have an addiction to I guess I need CA(Crocheter's Anonymous)
  15. furball1234

    How do I ask my MIL...

    I'll tell you something I just learned recently. I made something for my brother for his birthday. Now this is my OWN BROTHER. Never once did I hear him say how much he liked it. I don't even know if he is using it. I'm sure he appreciates it and I have got to accept that. I am learning that when I make something I FEEL GOOD about it. Never mind what other people think. If you get praise for it, hey that is wonderful. If not just let it go and give yourself a pat on your back. I'm sure the purse is beautiful. Another thing, my SIL made us a fleece blanket as a wedding gift. My DH thought it was so beautiful that it should of been hung instead of used. My SIL meant to give it to us to be used. So if I were you, I would just let it go. Who knows you may be surprised one day seeing her wear the purse you made. THAT WOULD BE A BONUS!