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    Native of PA, Crochet for 3 years, Love Animals
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    Crochet, Knitting, Painting, Music
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    small craft business in the making
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    Too many ideas
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  1. Hey you two, I live in Marysville, Pa. We are very close.
  2. I am taking a liking to these Round Ripple Afghans. They are all beautiful
  3. Everyone's ripple afghans look incredible, Good Job!!
  4. Jaded, Honey, Cay. All of your star afghans are beautiful, nicely done;)
  5. I've been wondering about that question. I can't crochet fast(I have seen crocheters crochet a mile a minute, I can't do this...but would love to learn) ,or design my own pattern, or figure out why the stitches do what they do. I taught myself how to make hats, use some advance stitches. Hmmm, I think I am a advance beginner, maybe.
  6. Hmmmmmmmm, I don't know. Brainstorming here, maybe you can look at the different animal patterns. For instance, the face and head kind of looks like a mouse so crochet the head of the mouse. Then the body could be the size of a cat and maybe pick something with a long neck like the giraffe and just shorten the pattern enough for the ferret's head. Just a thought
  7. Is this set up where you have to only pick one CAL or can you pick as many CALs as you want within reason of course.
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