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  1. jmcrochet, I have started working on another afghan besides my minnie mouse afghan. A pink glittery afghan for a tween room. I'm going to call it "Pixie Dust" afghan. Suppose to go with a fairy theme. Thanks Sue
  2. Thanks Barbara Jean, my friend whose cross stitching my minnie afghan does have a couple of those books. i might just have to look at them:c9
  3. Well my friend is in the process of cross stitching the Minnie Mouse on my afghan. I have all the squares done except for 5 squares and as soon as i get it back i'll connect all the squares, then crochet a border and it will be done. Joyce, i thought of doing a baby blanket next with all pinks. Just not sure how I'm going to do it. As soon as i figure it out i'll liet you know.
  4. Wow I give kudos to anybody who either does a round ripple, graphgans, or star afghans, i just can't seem to do them. Wonderful
  5. JOYCE, WOWIES! You have been VERY busy. Your afghans are just simply gorgeous and kudos on the US ARMY afghan, Beautifully done. I will have to show my hubby that one as he was in the army in Desert Storm.
  6. Amy, I figured as much, but was worth the shot anyway. Thanks
  7. I was wondering if there was a way to use some of these emoticons for instant messaging from myspace.com. My friend and I are always up looking for new ones. Thanks:)
  8. Thanks brianna, just added the calculator to my favorites:manyheart
  9. furball1234


    I am looking for a fairly Looooong runner to make for my piano. Longer than 72" Thanks.
  10. Well I have 6 doilies done, I'm almost done with another one and have started my last one. 8 All together. I need to get these babies photographed so you all can see them.
  11. HEY! I had to come in here to catch up on looking at your recent afghans. Very lovely. Beautifully done. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. How wonderful that God has given us this talent with our hands, huh?!:crocheting I am faithfully working on my Minnie Mouse ghan. The actual afghan is done, I have 6 more squares to do, my girlfriend is doing the cross stitch as she is better cross stitching then I am. Finally a border will be done to it and then it will be ready to take pictures so you can see it.
  12. WOW!!!!! They ALL look fantastic, good job everybody:cheer
  13. Hi, I think it is either pastel or rainbow variegated. Bought it at Michael's. Sue
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