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  1. Amyjk


    Yes! You can do cables with knooking! Do them the same as with 2 needle knitting....
  2. I've always heard flax seeds were best for this, but if you want to use rice, get Jasmine rice. It has a very light, sweet scent to it. You should be able to find it at any grocery store.
  3. AWW! You have a Little Sophisticate! I collect vintage dolls and have all the Little Soph. dolls. They're one of my favorites! The ballerina outfit is too cute! *also I have a group on flickr for Little Sophisticates, if you are on flickr and interested.
  4. Looks like some sort of braiding to me.
  5. Always go into the NEXT st. Essentially, you will go through 3 separate sts until you yo for the last time and through all the loops on your hook. That way you are turning those 3 sts into one st......I hope this helps!
  6. Would a decrease be where you join more loops....? I also have only fiddeled with BL, so I'm just guessing...
  7. Yikes! My first response was WAY wrong, hope nobody saw that! LOL Any ways...You will knit the first 2, THEN knit 2 together , knit 1 then yarn over. Then you k2tog, k1, yo 6 more times...that should leave you with 2 sts on your needle....k those. Hope this helps!
  8. The very first row is wrong.....To end with 84 hdc, you will need to ch 86.
  9. At first I thought, "Oh no! I got some kind of virus that messed up my pages!" But I then realized there had been some rearranging and what not, so I figured I'd just get used to it sooner or later. No biggie.
  10. I am 37 and have been crocheting for about 5 years. Our local middle school has a knit and crochet club that meets once a week after school. I think that is so cool and wish they had it when I went there.
  11. Amyjk

    Knooking hook help

    They're nice. I don't see why they wouldn't technically work. If the cable has a stopper permanently attached, you'll need to remove that part. Also depending on your project, cable length may be an issue (I forgot to see if it mentioned how long the cable was....?) But I was working a sweater (raglan) and my cord was 24" and I had plenty of length. If you are looking to just try knooking out before you spend alot of $, you can modify a regular hook quite easily, or there are sometimes knooks listed on etsy for a fair price.....want to add that I notice you are in the uk, so you might be limited in your buying options, as opposed to me, in the US. But I say if you can afford these, go for it! They're pretty as well!
  12. You can do this when your patterns calls for a k2 in same st increase: Do your 1st st where you normally would do it, THEN, right after your st, between the st you just made and the next one on your cable, there is a vertical "bar" that is part of the st below the row you are working, just k into that for your increase. This is what some people have done and it seems to work well. Are you on ravelry? There is a knooking group there and some really good pics/tuts posted about different st techniques. I highly recommend joining. OH! There is also a yahoo group that has been around for a very long time, if you do a search in yahoo groups for it, it should pop up, so there should be lots of people there that can be of great help.
  13. Do you want to do an increase after all your sts have been worked? Or in between sts? I have found that m1 works nice without a hole in your work. You can also k into your next st, then k into the st immediately below the next st, kind of like putting 2 crochet sts into one st. For increases at the very end, you will need to cast on however many additional sts you need. Hope this helps!
  14. Oh, very nice! I had to download the pattern!
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