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  1. i just showed my 11 year old niece and she loved it. wants one. who would have thought a 11 year old would want a bob the tomato hat. you never know. thanks for sharing.
  2. thanks for the pattern, i made one for my baby nephew for chrismas and put cat toy balls with bells inside for a little rattle. he likes it.
  3. debora

    Sock Madness!

    thanks for showing us crochet socks. i am trying to do them in knit with pointed needles and am NOT having fun!!!!! i am going to try to crochet them. did I mention this is my first knit project!!! can anyone say crazy!!!!
  4. debora


    that is very cute, i would love the pattern. would like to know if this is for a adult.
  5. I have a few ideas for the boys. I have had to be creative here with my nephews. I make them little snakes and also the hacky sacks. I have some hacky's to a friends son who was 11 and the next day all his friends wanted them also. So that is a easy and popular one here at least. Thanks for letting us know about this.
  6. I wish I was there or at least somewhere that felt like winter. Im pretty far, Texas. Stay warm.
  7. thats great, my pup would never go for the hat but i could get the sweater on him.
  8. I am so glad to see yall all here. That is the good thing about being in Texas. Losts of space and lots of people. We have great support Should get together one day. Wouldnt that be fun.
  9. thats a great idea, i never would have thought yall could use zip lock bags. i will go check them out at our walgreens.
  10. I am looking for a easy pattern for a fat bottom bag. Does anyone know where to find on. Thanks in advance for you help
  11. this is the most requested tinny animal pattern I have ever made, thanks for the pattern
  12. Nice to meet you!!!!! welcome from TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i love this RR. i want to try one but dont know if I have the patience. I want to try the shadding one. great job. perfect for a baby.
  14. I just wanted everyone to know how great it feels to be a parts of this group. I am new here and already have a little buddy, she is great and so thankful to just have someone to talk to. I reallly makes you feel good inside. So if anyone out there is searching for a charity where you are truely needed and can feel like you are really making a difference check them out. You wont be disapointed. deb
  15. That is a great idea about ths scarfs, i never would have thought of that. I have some laying around here as well. Thanks Victoria for the ideas.
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