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  1. Oh the question if lefty work looks different than righty...yes it does. Not incredibly diferent, but if your used to seeing it look a certain way and you see the work of a lefty you'll think something's off a little. It's in the way the DC strands lay, a righty when they crochet the strands will twist to the left, on a lefty they twist to the right...ironic ain't it. I guess it also depends on how they learned how to crochet. There was one lady that I couldn't really unteach to crochet the right way and she did something funky by crocheting between her pointer and middle right fingers, and t
  2. This is always a question I pose to my students when teaching them to crochet. I'd never taught anyone that was lefthanded to crochet before so I was a bit worried that I was just going to confuse the heck out of her...poor thing... But she did great. I was very proud! Anyway, what I was going to say is in my teaching career I think I've taught about 7 ladies to crochet lefthanded...how can you figure that in? Oh, that doesn't include left handed children though, I've taught 2 left handed girls too, and they weren't just lefthanded, they were also disabled due to loss of use in the right hand
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