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  1. Has anyone out here made Tricksie the Witch pattern? I purchased the pattern off of Leisure Arts website about 4 weeks ago. I'm getting ready to start her this weekend. I swore I saw a picture out here that some one had made her a couple of years ago and the only one I could find was one made from thread. Am I wrong? LOL I just wanted to know if it was an easy pattern to do? And again...I love seeing pics.:cheer

  2. Thank you for that pattern link. I never thought about curving the bottom of the jacket in front. I think I really like that. I'm ready to start experimenting with my sweatshirt. I hope it turns out great! It might be a great gift idea for my mom and sister!


    Still if anyone has pics of ones they've made--I'd still love to see. I get my most inspiration from seeing others finished projects.

  3. I did a search out there for crocheting on sweatshirts. I found a couple of threads, but no pictures of any that our members have done.


    Have you crocheted trim onto a sweatshirt??


    I'd love to see your finished shirt or jacket. Please post pictures!!


    I've purchased my shirt, have it washed and I cut off the bottom cuff and the wrist cuffs. I need to prepare the raw edges next. I just don't know where to go from there and don't really want to buy a book.






  4. I posted two baby blankets I made from fleece and crocheted the trim. Here is one that I made for my friend who has a birthday coming up this month. I think it turned out really nice. I kind of like it better than doing the tied edges.






    She loves the Americana stuff. I think this blanket will be perfect and it won't be a knick knack that she'll have to dust.


    Thanks for looking!

  5. I know you guys have seen a ton of these, but it's been so long since I've crocheted and/or posted anything out here. I just had to share. I think they turned out pretty cute. I made these for a baby shower I have been invited to on Sept 7.




    with matching baby card that I made




    Second blanket--Not sure if I will give both blankets or hold one back to have on hand for another shower...







    Thanks for looking!

  6. Do you have any quick easy Easter ideas that I could crochet and possibly fill with candy for my co-workers this year? I've done the bunnies that slip over a plastic egg 2 years ago. I must not have done anything last year. BUT if you have any quick easy ideas--even if they aren't candy filled I'd apprecate it. I've searched but I thought maybe someone sees something I don't. Nothing catches my eye.


    It doesn't even have to be crocheted. It could be paper craft or something.


    Help! :lol:D

  7. Where do you buy your yarn on line? Who do you recommend?


    I'm kind of bummed. I went tonight to get some yarn at Hobby Lobby or at Joann's and they have really shrunk their yarn section. I want to make the little short sleeved sweater jacket in the latest Hooked on Crochet and it calls for sport weight yarn. HL had almost nothing and Joann's sport weight was all baby colors. I didn't want to look like I was wearing a baby afghan! LOL


    Has anyone made this sweater that is in the HOOKED ON CROCHET this month?




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