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    I am kinda a red-head with the temperment to match, but mostly quiet and unassuming, modest, too. :)
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    Rural VT with Mountain Views and Fields to play in.
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    Crochet, reading, writing occasionally, drawing and listening to music.
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    Accountant for a group of Restaurant/Commercial Rental Corps.
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    Baby things, and afghans.
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    My grandmother taught me to crochet in 1974.
  1. Shellie, It can be any yarn you have to use...I am making one with a "Magic Ball" of all small scraps that I got in an ebay auction a long time ago. most were maybe 10 yds at most...it is making a "joseph's technicolor" afghan...I love it but will have to dig it out of the ufo closet to show you all.
  2. I am using the fibonacci sequence for my pound of love afghan, (Turquoise, Lavender, and white) (1,1,2,3,5,3,2,1,1) starting with white and each time the # changes I change colors...Just a thought. I will try to add a pic this weekend.
  3. I created a solid center rr that is free on my blog...if anyone wants to try it. I am still working out the yardage required, so far I have about 15 to 17 oz for a 36" blanket...no yardage yet. blog is in my sig line.
  4. I posted my round ripple design on my blog if anyone is interested in giving me some feedback. link is in my sig
  5. The Yarn is Joann's Sensations Rainbow Boucle, Double strand. I can't work with it single stranded only doubled up.
  6. ABSOLUTELY! Gorgeous! beautiful color combo...I really have to get working on my rr...(addiction calls)
  7. Thanks. I used a K hook and it is about 60" across. I wanted it bigger but ran out of time...it is still big enough to use but not as big and impressive as I wanted. oh well they loved it.
  8. finished homespun round ripple for xmas & gave it to them... not a great picture but you can see the colors. Love homespun...
  9. Absolutely fabulous colors!! My ex loved orange so I have a couple of skeins of it around maybe I'll try something like it:clap Good job.
  10. I Love the Color Combo...Beautiful!! :firecrack Happy Independence day to those who celebrate.
  11. 45 inches from point to point. just have to wash and block then I will bring to Diane for her grand son who will be born any day now if he hasn't already. Diane was our waitress at Denny's for a couple of years, became friends and now she is gonna be a grandma again. Her youngest is having a boy. On Sunday she wa 3cm dialated. Any time now if it hasn't happened yet. I usually only see Diane on Sunday's so I will probably not get to give it to her until this Sunday.
  12. Started another one last week, colors are Mardi Gras, Honalulu, and Calypso in Homespun.
  13. I can't say it enough You all do such wonderful work. Four! - in one month! WOW. this one is absolutely gorgeous! Love the color combination. I am already planning my next one, and still not finished current one...Yep I'm "hooked"!!
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