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    I am kinda a red-head with the temperment to match, but mostly quiet and unassuming, modest, too. :)
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    Rural VT with Mountain Views and Fields to play in.
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    Crochet, reading, writing occasionally, drawing and listening to music.
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    Accountant for a group of Restaurant/Commercial Rental Corps.
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    My grandmother taught me to crochet in 1974.
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    Baby things, and afghans.
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  1. Shellie, It can be any yarn you have to use...I am making one with a "Magic Ball" of all small scraps that I got in an ebay auction a long time ago. most were maybe 10 yds at is making a "joseph's technicolor" afghan...I love it but will have to dig it out of the ufo closet to show you all.
  2. I am in, as soon as I finish a couple of shawls...soon I hope. I have a lot of simply soft that would work nicely for this pattern.
  3. I have one more strip to connect and then the border to do and I can't seem to pick it up and finish...(i am one of those crocheters too) I think they call it finishitis. I am also working on a diagonal afghan in Herrschners chenille, offwhite, burgandy and forest green for my son (he wants it 5 1/2 feet WIDE) and a rr in Vanna's choice in autumn colors off set with taupe. (only three or four rounds into it though.) and about a Hundred other pigs...that will some day become FO. or be frogged. GOTTA ORGANIZE!!!!
  4. I had never seen that one before. I will try that for my next mam. thanks
  5. I have used "marges method" in one or two other afghans. One with strips of chenille for a friend and another with squares for bf. I love it.
  6. No kidding... that is why I learned to I could put my name (spelled "correctly") on my jean jacket in High School... Ahhhh! the eighties.
  7. Bernat Baby Coordinates two strands held together, the center of the strip is plain white with Sweet stripes, blue and white, the outer rounds are white and Sweet Stripes blue and green. I plan to connect them with this method: using either two strands of the blue/green or one blue/green and one blue/white. not sure yet.
  8. three strips done. five inches by 36 inches each. hopefully will find camera tonight and take pics.
  9. I have two strips complete and the insides for 4 more done, I will take pics when I get home from work, (and measure them). I ended up doing one strand of Bernat Coordinates Stripes with one strand of Bernat Coordinates in plain white and came up with my own simple pattern for a mam.
  10. I absolutely love your color combo....I was kinda lurking, and thinking about jumping in here (but only thinking) until I saw your pics...(the others are beautiful as well but this one grabbed me) I AM IN!!! I will pic colors when I get home from work...
  11. try this easy ripple pattern It is a good first ripple project.
  12. I posted more pics in my blog of my finished Blue suede afghan. it is shown on my king size bed.
  13. Christinanthemum, I am astounded by the versatility of this pattern. I love your bag...I may try to do the same sort of thing. I plan on making many of these for presents and some for "market bags" so I will want to do different things to make each bag slightly different...Thanks for the inspiration.
  14. Absolutely beautiful...I have those colors in my future WIM's file, I wanna do another ripple...but have to finish dad's blue suede ripple first...