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  1. Dear elf :angel So happy for a very lovely bookmark and a sweet decoration with beads.So sweet as candy.And all the sweets-so so lovely. You made me very happy and your generosity makes me so thankful.What more to say. It would be nice to know who you are. My best regards Ulla in the north of Sweden/ullafr
  2. Dear all:clap Has anynybody got the fourth bookmark ?I still miss one from Niesha. My best regards:hook Ulla/ullafr
  3. Thank you Cindy. Thank you for a ladybug as bookmark.For us a ladybug is connected with luck/happiness so Cindy you really made me extra happy.And thank you for the skein and tha lovely card. What a day! Sunshine Warm winds A ladybug Friends visiting us My son is going to the first interview for a job in Japan. My best regards to you all Ulla in the north of Sweden:bow
  4. Dear all in group 6 and especially Leslie:bow Yesterday I'v got a lovely packages from Leslie with a sweet bookmark and some really useful and very wonderful patterns.Thank you so much for everything. This swap really make me so happy.I think we all have done different bookmarks and they are just so wonderful.What a happiness to be a member of this swap. ullafr/Ulla in the north of Sweden
  5. Dear Katandia Happy to see that you have got the bookmark also from me.I have got only ióne bookmark but I live a long way from the other in the group so.... Have a nice Sunday:cheer ullafr/Ulla
  6. Dear Fe Yes I really am going to use the skeins I'v got.I hope I get a lot of time for crochet from the end of August.Well I have to work but...in my course I'm going on with crochet so I really have a lot of projects to do.The varigated yarn I'm going to use in a purse or a bag in dark blue and with it as a decoration.I have many doilies I want to do so....And DMC is perfect for doing small flowers on doilies or bookmarks.I think I can use them all during my course.From September 2006 until May 2007 we have the course Have a nice weekend ullafr/Ulla in the north of Sweden
  7. Dear all and esecially Fe:clap :cheer Today I got a lovely lovely package,the second one ,from my Summer secret pal Fe from the Philipines.She sent me crochet yarn,3 skeins of Lifestyles in lilac and 2 in varigated blue-red-pink,2 DMC for embroidery and crochet in lilac and yellow,2 skeins of a thin soft yarn in natural and one in lilac,ribbon threads in burgund,a doily in white I really am so fond of-in pineapple pattern,patterns,card,a lovely letter and some posters. :2hug ullafr/Ulla in the north of sweden
  8. Dear Christina So nice to see the things you have got from us in group 6. I also want to say you do so many lovely clothes for girls.Sorry I have only to grown up boys. Have a nice day Ulla:knit
  9. Dear all in group 6:clap Now I'v got my first lovely package in the bookmark swap and it's from Christina.Thank you for the boolmarks and the lovely dishcloth amd a little "purse".So impressed of what you have done for me. I hope you have a wonderful day. ulla(fr) in the north of Sweden
  10. So nice to hear you have got bookmark from me. So exciting to get from someone. My best regards ullafr
  11. Dear all:clap I'm going to get one more package from my SP and she has been so so nice and sent me lovely present and now one more.So so happy. My best wishes from ullafr-ulla
  12. Oh lovely Christina,I really long for the bookmark.I also sent out my bookmarks some days ago . And Christina so many beautiful crochet you have done for your little girl.I wish I had one. "Group 6... start stalking the mail person. I mailed the packages out today. I hope you like them. __________________ Christina " My best wishes ullafr alias Ulla in the north of Sweden
  13. Dear all in group 6:cheer Tomorrow I send away the bookmarks to you all.I hope you like them and that I also soon get some from you. My best wishes Ullafr-Ulla in the north of Sweden:flower
  14. Dear all:cheer Now I have sent away the last little package to my SP Ullafr alias Ulla send you the best regards
  15. Sorry The right adress www.textilejoy.blogspot.com
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