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  1. I have received my thread kit, but not the pattern. Where can I get the pattern?
  2. Wow! How lovely! I love the very different stitches you used. It all came together so nicely, too. As far as lining, I think the plain silk in a mocha or maybe a satin in the same color would be great.
  3. I am Luci, single mom, two boys (20 and 15). I live in Texas and have approximately 7 WIP, not counting the 20 or so on the drawing board. I have yarn and thread everywhere, and I drag it to work with me, too. I like working with thread best, but have WIP in all gauges right now.
  4. Argh! Have you ever made a free-form piece, and about three-quarters of the way through, you notice that not only are all the "different" threads you used are pretty much the same thread, different color-- you also notice that all the stitches are the same size, and there definite conformity to your non-conformity? It's driving me crazy. I am having issues incorporating differences. I get different textures, then they are all the same color. I get different colors-- I can't seem to deal with thread size and textures. How did you overcome the "All Nice And Neat" monster? L
  5. Mostly I turn clock-wise, but sometimes the pattern looks better the other way. I have a few pieces that I did not turn at all. L
  6. I usually turn clock-wise, but there are sometimes when I think the stitches in the pattern I am working look better the other way. I have also done work that I do not turn at all-- now THAT makes my HEAD turn!
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