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  1. It will have to be Hot Pink for her! She will love it for sure!
  2. Oh I just love it. Its definitely fighting to be my next project, will be a great gift for my daughter in pink and black!!!
  3. Thank you ladies for helping me!!! Out of curiosity, how would you go directly to a certain #? I just searched for username and went from there.
  4. I've been looking for this almost all day and still cannot find it. Did I dream it? This lady's RR was so beautiful & unique, made of soft colors that just blended together changing to the next just so mildly. Please does anyone remember this in the past few days being posted? Thanks ladies!
  5. Hi everyone. I wanted to show my mom the pic of someone's RR that was quite unique. I remember reading her post that she used 2 strands of yarn. The color started out in the centre and very gradually changed as the RR grew. It was beautiful. Does anyone else remember who did this one? Been searching the thread but cannot find it now. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hoping to get this done for mom for Mother's Day.
  7. Well started mine all over again last night as I didn't like how it was lying. A few more rows then I will post a pic.
  8. Fantastic Job everyone! They are all so beautiful!
  9. Beautiful SouthernJudy! Can someone tell me what frog or frogging it means...I am sure I get the just of it..but can't figure out exactly if it stands for something like lol or ttyl thanks
  10. Have my RR on the go, will have to post a pic but not sure how one does that. A few projects on the go right now, but I like it that way. Can anyone give some advise for posting pics?
  11. Ok I'm ready, went and got my wool today, ivory and dusty rose. Dinner first then mamma gets to sit and relax!
  12. GrandmaB (cool I'm a Grandma B too) very nice job!!!
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