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    There isn't too much to say, I am simple person, who likes simple things and I love to crochet!
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    crocheting, cooking, geocaching
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    Pretty things, especially doilies
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    1998 but only got serious about it in 2007
  1. Very Nice, the purple one is my favorite one too.
  2. Jaded Moon

    finished RR

    Very pretty and I love the colors!
  3. It's a lovely gift, I see no flaws either and besides isn't it really the thought that counts?
  4. Thanks for sharing, lilacs are my favorite flower.
  5. Thanks for the link, they do have lots of threads. I am not sure what I was wanting, the color looked prettier on the spool, I guess, hehe. Thanks everyone for all the nice compliments.
  6. The pattern is from A Year of Doilies for the month of October titled Graceful Autumn. I don't really care for the color of yellow I chose though.
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