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  1. thanks everyone As Donna suggested, I went back to the pattern - the photo only says 30cm (11 3/4 " ) diameter . The chart says Material and eqpmt : Anchor mercer crochet cotton no. 40 , 25gm white ( i used no. 10 thread tho ) steel hk no.14 ( USA) - which obviously means that it took birth in US soil . Then there are four lines of directions tht say -- work acc to chart till R 26, then back n forth to finish each pineapple edge separately. No key words there to google for Sorry i couldnt be of more help. If anybody knows the source plz do share, coz this is a really delightful doily that works up in no time . lucy
  2. I haven't made a doily in ages. I needed a doily as a gift for someone really special ( along with some bags, a couple of shawls and some thread coasters, these will be going to Denmark ) Rummaging in my stash I found nothing "good enough" . On to the next step, I raided my pattern stash and found this in my :thread" folder. The pattern is charted , but the doily has no name other than "doily". I've saved it some time back during my net trawling adventures , but have no information about the doily other than that. After all this time, making a doily felt real good I started last night and finished this morning - it has to reach the recepient by tommorrow. I havent blocked or even ironed it, but it looks good to go - I think ( what say you? ) Thanks for looking lacy_lucy
  3. The potholders are all Carolyn Christmas's patterns and the coaster pattern is from the book Creative Crochet . The white bag is the Shoulder sling bag from Annies Attic .The scrubbie pattern is from the book - The big book of dishcloths and potholders --they're all going to be gifts . The patterns are great and really very simple. I enjoyed making each one of these. I'll be making several more of these to give away - love them all Thanks for looking ! lucy
  4. wow! thats beautiful ! great work . and congratulations lucy
  5. im sorry i didnt see this post until just now. if u still need help, please pm me , im happy to help. lucy
  6. Thankyou! This is the book : http://www.amazon.com/Jackets-Wraps-More-Carol-Frye/dp/1592171907 To answer your second question, the pattern is charted / graphed . Written instructions are mostly only for special stitches and the beaded edging bit. lucy
  7. if ur making a 5 dc shell for the sides, then you could make a 7 or 9 dc shell for the corners. also, u cud reduce the number of skipped stitches when u reach the corners . u might have to "wing it " a bit , but shells are so forgiving you can take liberties with htem lucy
  8. wow thats really pretty! so much work has gone into it , im sure this one will be cherished for generations lucy
  9. This shawl pattern is from the book - Jackets , Wraps and More. The pattern is by Kathryn White . Thanks so much for the wonderful pattern, katchkan , I'm so in awe of you and all your work . I've used no. 6 nylon thread held together with silver metallic sewing thread. The edges are beaded so that it holds shape and doesnt curl in. It took me three weeks and many many nights of headache / dizziness to finish the shawl I was in such a tearing hurry to finish this one that I used to spend hours at a time working on it. I'd stop only when I felt too sick and nauseous to continue. After that I had to take a break for a couple of days and then I spread my time on the shawl more evenly through the day. I am so happy with the finished shawl - I just cant wipe this silly grin off my face This is a fantastic pattern - easy , but needing loads of patience . I know I'm short on patience , maybe its more of perseverance in my case - as in I MUST finish what I started . Thanks for looking ! lucy ps. I tried many times to attach a close up shot of the shawl, but I'm unable to - so I get just this one picture to show off
  10. The pattern is from crochet today nov/dec issue. The pattern is simple enough, but the candy canes were tricky for me , and my white glue wasnt helping me any:D . i ended up stitching them down . there are some more gum drops that i need to stick, but patience really is not my forte it looks much nicer than in the picture . took me around two days to finish it. thanks for looking merry christmas, everyone lucy
  11. lol, darski just told my mind . maybe a break from crochet is not my idea of a break lucy
  12. ...been there done that too many times for it to hurt any more, but ... surprise surprise it still hurts when someone does not acknowledge a lovingly, painstakingly , finger-achingly made gift. now im just grateful for the ones that ARE sincerely grateful. one lives... one learns ! lucy
  13. Thanks for looking ! lucy
  14. This was one project that I'd been wanting to do for a long long time. The reason it took me so long to actually make this doily , is that I had no pattern to speak of. Taking clues from discussions on this board, I decided to give it a shot The heart pattern is from the book - 101 Thread crochet embellishments. The flowers are from "somewhere" in my stash of patterns ( not sure exactly where , but they're simple enough alright and one can easily be substituted for the other) Once I got started I was surprised to see how easily and quickly it got done . lucy
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