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    I'm a professor at a small liberal arts college in Texas. Love to crochet and knit!
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    knitting, crocheting, cooking
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    College professor
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    toys, bags, afghans, doilies, scarves, wraps
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  1. Five (yes FIVE) of my close friends have all gotten pregnant in the last 2 months. All of a sudden there are lots of babies coming into the world and at least 3 of these babies belong to really close friends, so I wanted to whip out some blankies for them. I have been searching the internet, but at the moment I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the variety out there, so I thought I would ask crochetville members for their tried and true favorites. I am looking for one color, one piece blankies (no granny squares- I love 'em but they take me a lot longer to make) with fairly simple, repeating stitch patterns. I have 4 huge balls of Bernat Baby sport yarn, so I am looking for something that will work with that. If you have any favorites, please direct me to them. Thanks!
  2. So my mother's goddaughter is getting married this December. She comes from a family of women where everything is handmade. Her dress is being handcrafted by her entire family, hand-sewn in satin, with panels of Mexican crocheted lace and hand-made rosettes. Anyway, the reason why I am telling you this is that my mother, upon hearing how the dress would be made, went and volunteered me (ME!) to make a small wedding purse for the bride to carry. Yes me. Hah. So I need a pattern for a crocheted purse that is appropriate for a wedding and that is somewhat, um, spectacular. I can crochet with thread although not any smaller then size 10 (smaller makes me hands hurt terribly.) I am willing to buy a pattern, but I have no idea where to look- I need a spectacular idea for a crocheted purse, and I need it soon!!! Please, please leave any suggestions. Thanks Angela
  3. I currently live in NC but in five weeks (yikes and I don't have a place to live yet...) I will be moving to Ohio. Oberlin, to be exact--I have a one-year teaching appointment at the college. I've never been to Ohio besides my job interview, and I am nervous about returning back to real winters (I lived in Boston for six years so I am not a total cold-weather novice, but I am originally from Los Angeles, so North Carolina was a relief after the Northeast.) Anyone up in that part of Ohio?
  4. Okay lemme admit to something first-I have broken down and bought and Edgerydoo. Now I want to crochet an edging on a few fleece baby blankets for a friend and a doggie blanket for another friend. Also I want to edge one for my dad, so he can have something snuggly for his armchair. So what are the average sizes for say a baby blanket, and an adult throw? Thanks
  5. I have noticed two interchangable hook sets that have caught my eye lately. One is the Eleggant hook set (its in on of the Marketplace shops) which has a big round wooden base that is supposed to be more comfortable to use when crocheting, and the other is the Boye interchangeable steel hook set (saw on Herrschners.) Has anyone every tried out one of these sets and what do you think?
  6. Oh, he is so adorable!!!!
  7. I really like it- its beautiful!!!
  8. I love yellow, and it is very pretty!
  9. I like the colors, its really summery!
  10. Lovely blanket- thank you for sharing the pattern!
  11. Hi from North Carolina! (I'm originally from So. Cal too- Whittier to be exact)
  12. atarango

    snake toy

    I love the snake! He reminds me of the snake that comes by and visits on my porch every once in a while (he's not as colorful of course)
  13. Nice bag- the color is fantastic!
  14. Okay that made me laugh really, really hard. Great hat!
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