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    I am 23, and have a wonderful husband and 4 year old daughter. I live in the Pocanos..
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    Sewing, Painting, Home Decor, Crocheting, Gardening, and I love settling down with a good book...
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    Student, Mommy, Wife
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    Baby Clothes for my never ending neices, nephews and friends who are starting their families!!!
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    Since about 2003
  1. Do you happen to know what issue has theses? I have a ton and wouldnt even know where to start looking
  2. Hi all, I am trying to find a mukluk pattern to make for my little sisters 14th birthday... I need them in women's sizes please. I checked on CPC but I didnt care for the pair they had on there.... Thanks so much!!!
  3. Can anyone tell me if they have ever altered the BICO to fit a preemie baby? I was looking at it, and think it would be great to make for my friend.... well I need to make 4 of them LOL.... any suggestions would be appreciated! http://crochetme.com/patterns/baby-its-cold-outside
  4. A friend of mine is pregnant with quads! :yayThey not due until 2010, although the doctor has specifically stated he would be suprised if she makes it past the holiday season.... I was thinking aphgans, but then I got to thinking that these babies are bound to be underweight, and small when they are born, does anyone know any good premie patterns, blankets, bonnets and booties?? maybe sets..... i looked on CPC and Im just not thrilled with the premie stuff I find..... Thanks so much for your help!
  5. I called coats and clark because I thought that this pattern sounded so cool, and they thought they knew what you were refering to because I relayed what you were looking for and sooo great news they are mailing me the pattern.....18006481479 so if you call this number and ask for the back dated patterns dept. I bet they would be happy to help you!!! They were so nice!
  6. I think this pattern is AWESOME and if someone has it I would be interested after the thread originator that is!!!!
  7. For a while now annies attic has had a Hairpin lace bustle skirt on their website for sale, well no sooner did I decide to buy it then did I find out they no longer carry it... if someone is done with the pattern could I please buy it, or maybe there is another site that sales the pattern, or even trade it? Thanks so much
  8. Ok moment of insperation while looking at picture of my daughter and her pony buster, as I am sure you know most saddles are oblong so why not make an oblong shaped circle, with a little rectangle hanging from each side, and for the stirrups you could us those little D shaped metal thingys they use to attatch handles to purses onto the end of each of the 2 rectangles! instante saddle! You can sew one side of the "saddle" down to one side of teh horse and attatch the other side with velcro to make an open close "flap", over the opening of the purse! Ok now if you dont mind me asking where did you find a horse purse pattern? I would love to get it if you dont mind telling me where!
  9. I dont like my arms, so I kind of made a point of saying that if I wanted comfortable in the dress I wasnt going to buy it.... I love the tea dress we chose though, it shows off my bust LOL but I still dont like my arms...
  10. Hi all, I am in a wedding this fall and below is a link to a picture of my dress: http://www.davidsbridal.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplayView?storeId=10052&catalogId=10051&categoryId=-49998973&colorName=Cornflower&subCategory=-49998976%7c-49998975%7c-49998973&top_category=&catentryId=1000254 and the color is cornflower blue... I am having trouble finding a shrug, or something with sleeves to go over is but that wont take away from the dress.... I'd really like to make it our of crochet cotten, and in Ivory to match the color of the brides dress so that there is no clashing of colors... my shoes and jewelry are silver..... Thanks so much for your suggestions and links in advance!
  11. what is the Victoria Secret Skirt you are refering to??? And if you can obtain a publication from the Russian magazine, if you go to your local college students studying russian will often translate or to freetranslator.com....
  12. As some of you know, I have a little girl who is 6.... It can get pretty warm in the summer here in PA, and we are going to be spending alot of our time this year out West!!!! So I want to make Miss Myk some little sun dresses out of Sz. 10 Crochet Cotten.... If you have any pattern suggestions please let me know.... I like free patterns BUT feel free ( haha pardon the pun) to suggest any patterns! I will pay for something that is cute and practical enough.... My little one like "pretty" things so the prettier the better! Thanks so Much Im sure all your suggestions will be put under a intense consideration by my six year old when she decided which ones she wants for her summer wardrobe.... I didnt find anything in Sz 10 CC on CPC so I am really hoping ya'll have some suggestions
  13. Thanks for the recommeded sights thus far!!!! Please keep the suggestions coming!!!!
  14. Hi all!!! My daughter has discovered Barbies and is all about dressing them up... Can you please make some recommendations for Free Babrie Clothes sites and links for Crochet? I prefer Sz. 10 crochet cotten, but if the clothes on the site are really good, just please feel free to recommend any sites you know! Thanks a Bunch
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