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  1. Wow. Thanks, Smith for that info. Never would have crossed my mind. Jan.
  2. Thanks for all the tips. I don't like fringe on any afghan...a couple of washings and it starts to tangle and look ragged. Crocheting the chain lengths for ties is a good idea. Also the bit larger size for hospice. I'm sure i've got enough yarn for several in both sizes. Jan.
  3. Dewbaby- that chart will come in handy. For what i'm wanting, 36" x 48" (3' x4')is just right. Redrose, you're info is right on. Thank you both for the info. Jan.
  4. I have a lot of odd balls of yarn, and do NOT need anymore afghans for us, our family and our extended family! We are all 'afghaned out' as my DD put it. I have started making squares, and thought i could start putting them together. Gave a couple of full size afghans to a home here in town this past winter, were they ever well received.Was told that people like to cover their legs while sitting in wheelchairs or in a chair, watching TV. I think these should be smaller, so as not to get caught in the wheels as they are moving. Does anyone know what size i should make? This is going to be a long project, as i have 2 large garbage/leaf bags full to the brim, but there are many homes here in town, and it's time for me to clear out. Thanks for any help you can give me. Jan.
  5. That's just beautiful. :manyheartYou deserved first place. Jan.
  6. Hi all. I've been reading this thread trying to get inspired. It's hard to find patterns for men. :thinkCould someone point me to the whereabouts of this pattern. It would really be appreciated. Jan.
  7. Jan2

    hot pad

    Thanks for reminding me of this pattern. Have a couple of boxes of the old rubber canning rings. (rubber still good, not rotten.) Remember making them when i was first married. They wern't very good, the yarn used was acrillic (sp?) and did not stand up well under hot pots. I'll try using the 'dishcloth' cotton. I think that will work very well. Jan.
  8. There are 2 LYS shops in my town. The first 1 i've been in only once or twice, the owner asked me what I was knitting and i said i'm crocheting. The look on her face said it all. She quickly turned to help another person. I never went back. What a snob. (Others have told me the same). The second one I go to all the time and she is also a knitter, but knows how to crochet, just prefers knitting. She is so friendly, and carries a lot of crochet cotton and books. When her daughter wanted to work in the shop, she told her that she should learn to crochet so she could help customers with their crochet. She picked it up really fast & is very good at it. (she's 16.) Just wonderful service. Oh yes, i'm a knitter too, but much prefer to crochet. Jan.
  9. Well, sure glad I read this thread. Just applied yesterday and they said should be 2 days. Tomorrow right? I don't know how much use it'll be to me as I haven't learned yet to post pictures (If i did, this would be the first place i'd post them, having enjoyed everyone else's pictures.) But thanks for all the tips and i'll explore it with an open mind. Ravelry will never take the place of the 'ville, tho, I try to come here every day, just to 'be with' fellow crocheters. In real life, I only know one other person who knows how to cro. and she does't do that much. Jan.
  10. Zeropixie - so happy to hear it all worked out for you. Jan.
  11. When I first started using the 'puter, one of the first sites I found was a "house cleaning' or 'organizing' one. The ladies were always using lol, and not knowing what it meant, I had to ask. Was told it meant 'loads of laundry'! Yhup. So when I came here, I just couldn't figure it out, thought maybe they just didn't have time to crochet, because they had too much lol. Jan.
  12. Granny - my crochet World comes every 2 months (6 times a year). I don't think i'm missing any, sure wouldn't mind if it did come more often. Jan.
  13. Limebrarian - see the thread by Cocoa Cream. She is asking about the same stocking. I answered in her post the information about it. Those are the 2 cro. patterns on it, there's also a knit one. Jan. O.K. I see you have already found the post.
  14. Cocoa, you made me laugh, like i'm so organized! Actually, you made me think - my pattern is torn right out of that magazine, and it's falling apart. Going to copy it right now, so I will have a readable file for the future. Jan.
  15. Cocoa Cream - I have 2 stockings that are almost identical to yours. Only difference is instead of a name, mine have Noel across the top . The pattern is from Family Circle, 12/13/77. Title of article is "Christmas Stockings to Knit and Crochet", 3 stockings, 2 to crochet, 1 to knit. We are still using ours (they look like new) as we always have extra people at Christmas. Actually I just remembered...oldest DD has been using one the last couple of years as she's misplaced hers. Guess i should change the "Noel" to her "name". Jan. Edited to add: Can't see why you can't write your own pattern, it's pretty straight forward. You could just say it was based on an old patt. from Family Circle.
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