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    I taught myself to crochet 14 years ago. From the very first stitch I was hooked. Crocheting is not just a hobby for me. It’s my obsession. I love making all kinds of things, but what I enjoy most is baby clothes.
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    Baby items
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    14 years
  1. Did this in baby coordinates. I had less than a full skein that a friend gave me cause she didn't like how it worked up, I don't blame her. I don't care for it myself but couldn't see tossing it just because of that. I love the color though! Sweater is from a free pattern, hat is my own design.
  2. Hey there, I've not posted over the last several months. Things have been hectic. Just thought I would show my latest layette. The dress and panties are from one pattern, the sweater and booties are 2 different patterns and the bonnet is my own design.
  3. Beautiful bag! The receiver sure is a lucky person!
  4. Ladies if you would like to keep patterns but don't have any ink for printing have no fear I have the solution for you! You simply download the website and keep it on your computer and then you can access the page as much as you want! Keep it till you print it or keep it forever the choice is yours! I use Firefox so I'll list the directions for it, but IE shouldn't be much different. Simply make a new folder in your Documents and name it anything you want, mine is named Crochet Pattern Downloads, you can close this you won't need it open until later. You can even use this folder later to sort your patterns by category or however you choose but for now to make it fast we will only use one folder. If you need helpcwith how to sort, send me a pm. Now go to the webpage you want to keep, right click, and then choose SAVE PAGE AS, choose your new folder and the click ok. It's that simple but we are not done yet there is just a bit more you may have to do. Now go to your folder that you have downloaded the webpage to. There should be 2 files (if you have only done one webpage), a folder and an html file. To access the pattern you will simply click on the html file. It will load it your web browser just like a webpage. IF your page doesn't load correctly and you can't see anything the reason is there are a few javascipts in the folder. But not to worry this can be easily taken care of! Close the page you opened, and open the folder. You will see a bunch of files in there, but the ones we are most concerned with are the files that look like the picture below. They may not be named the same thing and there may not be the same number but don't worry about that. If it has that crazy little yellow icon it has to go. This is code that places the advertisement on the webpage so you don't need them. Delete those files. Close the folder and now click on the html page as before to open it. You should see the page perfectly just as it appeared on the internet, well minus the advertisements If you need any help pop me pm and I'll do my best to help you out. After doing the first couple of pages and deleting what you have to, you should be comfortable enough to just go hog wild and download all the page you want and the go back later on and delete the files that need to be deleted. Edit to add: I just discovered that most webpages will still show the ads. Specifically the ads that load to the right of the page. I'm working on how to get rid of those but for now at least we have the patterns.
  5. for size 10 thread I use a size 7 Boye hook if I am not following a pattern, other than that I always use the hook size that is called for in a pattern.
  6. I am currently working on the Paradise Publications doll 1897 Antique Lace Gown http://www.paradisedolls.com/p045.html I'm making her in white and adding a few of my own touches and leaving out the hat and parasol. Once completed she will be an angel and will be a a gift for my sister in law for Christmas.
  7. Thank you! If I have to use more all the better for stash busting! LOL
  8. Thank you sooo very much!! I have tons of Red heart that I could use too!
  9. I have a pattern that calls for Lion Brand Pound of love but don't have any and have never worked with it so I have no clue what the texture or size of it is. What could I use to substitute it? I am hoping that I have something on hand that I can use so I don't have to go out and buy more. I'm trying to stash bust..LOL
  10. I wash in cold water and dry in the dryer on medium heat with a dryer sheet. My ghans come out soft and cuddly.
  11. I can't stand Bernat Baby Coordinates. It's next to impossible to frog.
  12. Everything is beautifully put together. I am sure the Travolta's will love it all!
  13. Making those things were a pain in the tush. LOL I thought I would never get them done. To make them I took the first hook and put it where I wanted it then used a yellow quilters pencil and drew a line tight beside the hook. Then I would sew on the line and repeat for each hook. Open it measures about 15 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches high and closed is about 5 inches wide There are a few things that looking back I probably would have done differently, but over all it's not too bad. I just wanted to say again THANK YOU for all the compliments!
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